Health shop (1979)

Promotional №41302, 1 part, duration: 0:04:29
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:R.Anisimov
Sound mixer:Suslov V.


The film demonstrates the state's concern for the working people's health.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Car factory.

The working moments, production processes in the workshops of the plant are shown.

The doctor approaches the workers, asks questions.

A recreation area at the factory, workers are sitting at a table, playing checkers, chess.

The doctor is interested in the well-being of the workers.

The doctor goes around the shop, checks the medicines in a special box in the shop.

Large - the salon of a new passenger car in the shop.

Different shots with the company's doctors - blood is taken from a finger for analysis, the doctor examines the throat, gives medicine, etc.

A doctor with an employee of the company during a scheduled medical examination.

A computer machine where the data of employee inspections are entered.

An employee in the computer center, works with equipment, switches buttons on the dashboard.

Meeting of the medical engineering commission - the doctor makes a report.

Other doctors and staff are listening.

Large - the hand writes with a ballpoint pen on a piece of paper.

The doctor reads out the report.

The workshop of the enterprise, the loader is going.

Employees of the company on procedures (do inhalation).

An employee of the company is in the doctor's office for an examination - I listen to him with a phonendoscope, they measure the pressure.

Large - tonometer readings.

The man is lying on the couch, sensors are attached to him, the doctor does manipulations, looks at the readings.

Large - bubbles in the water.

The woman is lying in a special therapeutic bath.

The doctor bypasses patients who take therapeutic baths.

Large-colored buttons on the dashboard.

The doctor is at the table in the hospital, gets up, goes to the patient's room.

The patient is lying on the bed, there is a dropper next to him, the doctor checks the dropper.

The territory of the sanatorium, a bus pulls up to the building.

Large - set table in the dining room.

An employee of the canteen delivers ready meals on a trolley.

Winter garden, plants, fountains - a man with a newspaper is sitting in an armchair.

The general view is a winter garden, people are resting in chairs.

A woman in the treatment room for the procedure.

Panorama of the sea, the coast, the buildings of sanatoriums and rest homes.

People at the resort, going up and down the stairs.

Panorama of the modern building of the recreation center, a swimming pool with outdoor vacationers.

Vacationers in the lobby of the sanatorium, sitting in chairs, a doctor passes by.

Outdoor terrace, vacationers at tables under umbrellas.

Vacationers on sun beds, sunbathing.

A new car in the factory shop.

A worker installs a wheel on a car.

Collage of images of a worker and different doctors.

Key words

Factory, workshop, doctor, computer, hospital, sanatorium, holiday home, swimming pool, resort, procedures

Seasons: Summer [824]

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