Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR (1983)

Documentary №41316, 3 parts, duration: 0:26:50
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Nemec A.
Screenwriters:Karadzhev B.
Camera operators:Kulikov G.
Composers:Kazenin V.


The Soviet ferrous metallurgy, which was created in the USSR during the first five- year plans, made the crucial contribution to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was fully restored shortly after the War's ending, and now deservedly holds one of

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Lenin monument at the entrance to the plant.

Metal production at steel mills.

Chronicle of the early XX century: People sit on sacks.

Ruined city, the ruins of houses and factories.

Quote on the background of a portrait of Lenin.

Garbage collection on carts.

People go to work.

Work on the construction.

Construction of the railway.

On the territory of the plant leaves the train.

Working-metallurgical plants in the shops.

Of the demonstration.

Passenger train.

Station Magnitogorsk.

The landing of the passengers, people pass each other puppy.

Construction of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine.

The first metal Magnitogorsk.

Blast furnaces of Kuznetsk Combine.

The workers-metallurgists.

Metal Transportation in vats.

Rolled metal.

Panorama of the factory buildings.

Animation: a schematic map of the USSR with photos of famous business leaders and workers.

Photo disappears into the darkness.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: explosions.

The soldiers ran along the trench.

Burning house.

People among the ruins.

Troops marching on Red Square.


Work smelters during the war.

New tanks.

The tanks on the battlefield.

Working with machines.

Soldiers load a gun.

Artillery volleys.


A view through a window in the furnace: boiling molten metal.

Blast furnaces.

Manufacture of weapons and ammunition.

Explosion, fire gunners.

Attack tanks and infantry.

The smoke from the explosions.

Evacuation plants, loading equipment on the railway platform.

Disguised train.

View from the train platform.

The bombing of the railway.


Unloading platforms.

Working with machines.

The collapse of the wall.

Soldiers at the factory in a cloud of smoke.

tank assembly at the factory "Red October".

The tank in the yard.

Soldiers jump out of windows.

Soldiers wheeled cannon.


Dead soldiers near the German tank.

Squadron in the sky.

Falling aircraft.

Downed German aircraft.

The corpses on the shore.


Clear bombs.


Fires Artillery.

The men are going to attack.


Birch Grove.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: Destroyed City (aerial photography).

Soldiers among the ruins.

Destroyed houses.

Dam Hydroelectric Power Station.

Work on the construction and clearing blockages.

Construction of the plant.

metal production.

Freight train.

City view.


IV Stalin - Revolutionary, political, state, military and party leader.

Calendar: 1920s-1930s 1941-1945

Locations: USSR [863]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Meeting of heads.

The engineers in the design office.

Coke plant.

Workers control automation.

Installation of dry coke.

plant enclosures.

Work blast furnaces.


Item management system of conveyors.

Experts electron-computing center blast furnaces.

Area service tuyere assemblies.

The molten metal.

Works in BOF shops.

automation control room.


Computer screen.

The workers take samples.

metal smelting.

Alternation: laboratory equipment, experts TsNIIchermet name I.P.Bardina.

Steelmakers in the shops.

Work factory settings.

Various continuous casting machine.

Rolled metal on the Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Combine.

Cold rolling at the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant.

Production of large-diameter pipes at Volzhsky Pipe Plant.

Finished pipe.

Cladding tubes epoxy.

Locations: USSR [863]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Equipment NGO "Tulachermet".

Licensing agreements.

Construction of the plant in India. I.P.Gandi visits the factory.

metal production.

Turkish plant.

Pages of the book-album.

Production of consumer goods.

Samples cookware.

Pensions holiday.

Mountain peaks.

Oskol Electric Steel Works.

View of the quarry, mining machinery and wagons.

Lebedinsky GOK.

Factory equipment, raw material supply processes.

Alternation: pellet production, automation control room, workers, the readings.

Machine for roasting.

Factory construction.

Map scoreboard enterprises of ferrous metallurgy.

Production plants at the exhibition.

Information boards.

The workers-metallurgists.


Gandhi IP - Indian politician, Prime Minister of India, India's foreign minister.

Locations: USSR [863] India [103] Turkey [224]

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