Sagittarius Black Sail. (1991)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: S.Martjyanov


The life and work of the outstanding Soviet designer REAlekseyev, under whose leadership had created speedy hydrofoils.

Sea and river transport

Reel №1

Clouds under the wing of the plane, the sun shines through the window.

A descending skydiver parachute goes disclosed spare dome skydiver continues to go down.

View of the coastal district of Nizhny Novgorod (top).

Paratrooper in the sky.

Types of urban neighborhoods and parts of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin (the top).

Get down jumpers.

The plane performs aerobatics.

View of the Chkalov stairs.

A descending skydiver.

People are standing on the lawn of the signal lights during competition parachutists.

RE Alekseeva Photos Photos Chkalov VP Alexeev and participants of sailing races in 1937.

Newsreel 1937 sailing race on the Volga.

Photos episodes sailing races.

Photos Alekseev and Chkalov.

Newsreel, 1940: People on the square during a rally marking the opening of the monument to Chkalov in Gorky.

General view of the meeting, monument, veiled, the veil falls.

General view of the meeting.

Heavy Bomber before departure at the airport.

Types of urban areas (above).

View of the Volga (above).

Newsreel of the second half of the 1950s: the river is hydrofoil.

The ship "Rocket".

The boat passes under the bridge.

People on the boat.

The ship "Rocket" is the Volga.

Hydrofoil boat is at speed.

Part of the ship "Rocket".


Passengers boats.

The ship "Rocket".

Designer RE Alexeev inside the "Rockets" with the children.

The boy's face.

Alekseev collects toy truck.

Bort "Missiles".

Type of hydrofoils.

Sketches and drawings elements hydrofoils.

View of the hydrofoil models "Meteor". "Meteor" is the river.

View of the monastery on the banks of the Volga, the dock is suitable "Meteor".

Photos of parents and sisters Alexeev.

Photo Alexeev.

The drawings made by Alekseev in his youth.

Photos Alexeyeva in his student years.


Rostislav E. Alekseev - design engineer, shipbuilder


1937 1940 1950s


Bitter [979]


Autumn [826] Summer [824]

Rallies; Sea and river transport

Reel №2

Photo Alexeyeva during class military training in 1941.

International Newsreel 1940: fighting in the Pacific.

Japanese officers at the captain's bridge.


View the bow deck of a warship (the top).

Sea and air battle.

The burning plane crashes into the ocean.

View of the ship's deck.

Flying airplanes.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Flying airplanes.

Photo Alexeev.

Figures hydrofoils made Alexeyev.

Photo Alekseeva with workmates.

Test models hydrofoils.

Model output water.

The test model at speed.

Those test engineers.

Cat on a floating model.

Those engineers.

Samples hydrofoils on the wall of the hangar.

Engineers discussing options for new designs hydrofoils.

Photo Alexeev.

Panorama of an abandoned dock test.

Photo Alekseeva aviation helmet.

Photos Alexeyeva during various sports.

Newsreel 1950: Slalom.

Those viewers.

Ski Jumping.

Spectators watch the jump.

The athlete lands.

Buer going on the ice.

Photo Alexeyeva on snowmobiles.

Photos Alekseev during the start of construction of the first passenger hydrofoil.

Newsreel 1950: aboard "Sputnik". "Sputnik" is a hydrofoil on the river.

The passengers in the cabin. "Satellite" is the river.

Inside view of the control room, "Sputnik".

Alekseev among engineers in the control room.

Person Alexeev.

The passengers in the cabin.

View of the river from the stern of the vessel.

Photos Alekseev during the construction of the first hydrofoils.

A sign of the plant "Red Sormovo".

The meeting of experts of the plant.

Newsreel beginning of the 1960s: the construction of the vessel hydrofoil.

Workers assemble the frame vessel.

Welder at work.

General view of the shop.

Alekseev engineers discuss the construction stages.

Persons Alekseev and his colleagues. "Meteor" is the river.

Map of the Malaysian archipelago with passenger routes.

Newsreel 1960: hydrofoil runs along the ocean coast, the views from the side and stern.

Floating "Meteor".

Map of the passenger route to the shores of Japan.

Newsreel 1960: is a high-speed train.

Fuji view from the train window.

View of the port.

Meteor leaves the port.

View of the Moscow Kremlin (from the top).

NS Khrushchev during the test hydrofoils in 1962.

Face Khrushchev, LI Brezhnev is back Khrushchev greeted with Alekseev and chairman of the State Shipbuilding Soviet Bout BE

Photo Alexeyeva among the delegates in the Kremlin.

Engineer shipbuilder gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Alexeyeva among the winners of Lenin and State Prize of the USSR.

Layouts hydrofoils and WIG aircraft.

Key words



Rostislav E. Alekseev - design engineer, shipbuilder Butoma Boris Evstafvich - public and economic figure Nikita Khrushchev - statesman and political figure [882] Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev - statesman and political figure


1940s 1950s 1960s 1962


Moscow [820] Bitter [979] Japan [112]


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Political figures; Industry; World War II; Different kinds of sports

Reel №3

Engineer Vladimir Sokolov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960: Central Design Bureau engineers at work.

Model WIG during testing.

Engineer looks at drawings and sketches WIG.

The winged flies over the water surface.

Alekseev aft boat watching the tests.

The winged over the water.

Alekseev aft boat.

Ekranoplanes different models above the water.

The winged starts in the snow.

Tests WIG in the snow.

The winged flies over the surface of the frozen river.

Testing of a new model of WIG.

Alekseev holds a meeting with the engineers.

General view of the workshop for the construction of prototypes WIG.

Build housing WIG.

Alekseev holds a meeting with the engineers.

Alexeev behind a desk.

Build housing WIG factory "Volga".

Welders at work.

General view of the shop.

Photo Alexeev.

The prototype WIG water.

Engineer Sokolov observes test WIG.

The winged above the water surface.

Sokolov gives interviews (synchronously).

The winged docked (at the top).

WIG craft in tow.

The engineer talks about the creation of an experimental WIG (synchronously).

Newsreel 1966: Test WIG in the Caspian Sea.

Engineers and naval officers on the wing of WIG.

Inspection WIG seamen.

Wings WIG.

General view of the WIG.

WIG crew in the cockpit.

The winged starts run.

WIG Wing in water.

The crew increased engine speed.

Engines WIG.

The winged flies over the water surface.

Engineers watching the start of WIG from the ship.

Flying winged.

The winged go into the bay.

The winged water.

Sokolov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960: Alekseev comes with naval officers and engineers after testing WIG.

The winged water.

Photo Alexeev.

Figures Alexeev.

Photo Alexeyeva among engineers.

The winged on the water, on the banks of the camel grass burns.

The winged water.

Daughter Tatiana Alexeeva Rostislavovna tells about his father (synchronously).

Photo Alexeev.

Alexeyeva TR It tells about the Alexeev (synchronously).

Scenic portrait Alexeev.

Photos taken by Alekseev.

Painting Alexeyev.

Alexeyeva TR It tells about the Alexeev (synchronously).

Sinitsyn DN gives interviews (synchronously).

Layouts WIG options on the table.

Swans taking off from the water surface.


Rostislav E. Alekseev - design engineer, shipbuilder


1960s 1966


Bitter [979]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Figures of science; Industry

Reel №4

Chief Designer of Central Design Bureau (CDB) to them.

BV Alekseev Tchubikov gives interviews (synchronously).

Layouts WIG on the table.

Tchubikov gives interviews (synchronously).

Stands on the history of the CDB. Photos Alexeyev and his deputy, Zaitseva NV among engineers.

Tchubikov gives interviews (synchronously).

The winged stands on the tarmac, a general view of WIG.

Tchubikov gives interviews (synchronously).

Production in the model shop scale layout of the new hydrofoil.

Mock-ups and photos of new types of ships and WIG.

Promotional photos newbuildings like "Cyclone-M", "Olympia," boats "Dolphin".

Pavlenko, AI gives interviews (synchronously).

CDB engineers sit at the table with the drawing board.

Pavlenko gives interviews (synchronously).

A new type of hydrofoil boats during the test.

View of the stern and wheelhouse boat.

The boat floats on the river.

General view of the bottom of boats and engines.

Pavlenko talks about new developments CDB (synchronously).

Drawings of new vessels catamarans.

Figure WIG.

Flapping WIG.

Leading engineer CDB gives interviews (synchronously).

Manager button on the CDB. Tchubikov gives interviews (synchronously).

The wind tunnel.

Engineer monitors the instrument readings during the test models in a wind tunnel WIG.

WIG model in a wind tunnel.

Engineer watch the equipment during the test.

Face engineer.

Electronic scale of one of the devices.

One of the leading engineers CDB gives interviews (synchronously).

Production test layout WIG.

Test layout water.

Sinitsyn gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo layout passenger WIG "The Seagull."

Sinitsyn gives interviews (synchronously).

Picture of a new model of passenger WIG.

Sinitsyn gives interviews (synchronously).

Figure WIG.

Figure transport and amphibious platform, a project which develops CDB them.


Sinitsyn gives interviews (synchronously).

Figure transport and amphibious platforms example of possible applications.

Sinitsyn gives interviews (synchronously).

Reel №5

Test a small hovercraft "Volga-2".

Interior view of the cockpit.

The vessel is above the water surface.

Steering a ship cabin. "Volga-2" above the water surface.

Steering the ship operates.

The ship approaches the coast, stop at the site.

Those engineers CDB. Steering gets out of the cab.

One of the leading engineers CDB gives interviews (synchronously).

General view of the "Volga-2".

New samples WIG in the hangar.

Engineer CDB gives interviews (synchronously).

The training WIG "Swift" is moved using a crane.

The winged "Swift" during factory test run.

Engineers monitor the progress of the tests. "Swift" flying over the surface of the water.

Engineers monitor the machine.

The winged flies over the water surface.

The pilot stands on the wing of WIG and waving after the test flight.

Heavy winged out of the water to the site.

Engineers watching ekranoplanes.

WIG craft moves after leaving the site of water.

Test Engineer and go to the car.

WIG in the parking lot after the test flights.

Sokolov gives interviews (synchronously).

WIG in the parking lot.

Members of the crew in the cockpit WIG.

The winged moves around the court to the bank.

The winged starts run on water.

The winged above the water surface.

The winged picks up speed, takes off.

Swans in the sky.

View of the Caspian coast and islands Chechen Island (above).

Bird's nest on a dead tree.

Sea view from the cockpit WIG.

The winged flying over the sea.

Swans in the sky.

Flying winged.

Clouds under the wing of the plane, the sun shines through the window.