The Russians 1995 № 3 Gypsy fortune

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The story of the life of the Roma today. The film stars actors Ural gypsy dance ensemble "Rhythms of romaine" and residents of Upper Iset Yekaterinburg Roma settlement.

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Near the house, talk to the elderly Roma.

On the streets of the village children play.

Women clean and wash-board countertops.

Chickens are drinking from a puddle in the drain.

On the street children play.

On the way to the cart rides, children run after.

In the front garden fence man sitting at a makeshift table and poured a glass of vodka.

Children line up in front of the camera.

From the gate a woman comes out, makes snacks and puts on the table.

Children with bicycles, a man on a bicycle rides on the road.

From the house endure a table and chairs.

People make room in front of the house, set the table with a tablecloth.

In the front garden fences are women.

Women bring to the street furniture.

Gypsy girl sitting on a box.

Young woman with a baby goes home.

The conversation at the table.

Children on the street.

Roma told reporters on life in the village and local traditions.

Woman talking on the sidelines.

The feast continues.

Near the house there are cars near women and children.

Men respond to questions from journalists.

The streets of Yekaterinburg.

Gypsy pester passers-by with a traditional request to tell fortunes.

Woman standing next to the boy.

The man with the guitar responds to a reporter's question.

Says an elderly gypsy woman.

Gypsies are sitting on the grass.

Those people at the table.

An elderly woman is dancing.

On a holiday in the house dancing girl.

Grazing horses.

In the meadow dancing young women and girls, men play a guitar.

Near child with a horse, a horse tail fanning herself.




Summer [824]

Russian cities and regions; Traditions and customs