Operation of the tractor in winter conditions (1972)

Documentary №41382, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:17
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:V.Putincev


The film was shot by order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. The film examines the methods of preparing a tractor to work in winter conditions, and contains recommendations on the work of tractors during this period.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame



A tractor is driving through the field.

The tractor is carrying out snow retention work.

Alternating frames with the work of tractors in winter.

Panorama of the winter village.

Preparation of tractors for work in winter.

Descaling of the cooling system.

Replacement of summer varieties of oils with winter ones.

The procedure for flushing the lubrication system with a hydraulic device.

A cartoon explaining this process.

Oil filters, breather and other parts of the lubrication system are washed.

Turn off the oil cooler.

The fuel tank is washed with a hydraulic monitor.

A cartoon explaining this process.

All other parts and elements of the power system are washed in diesel fuel.

All parts are carefully checked, faulty ones are replaced.

After that, the engine is refueled with winter grade oil.

Crankshaft bearing liners after working in winter conditions using summer oil.

Winter oil is filled with power transmission units and running system.

Preparation for the winter of the power system ends with refueling with its winter grade of fuel.

The tractor's electrical equipment is being checked.

It is important that the batteries are well charged and filled with high-density electrolyte.

Table of the required electrolyte density depending on the temperature.

A heating element that helps the battery to work at low temperatures.

Mounting the heating element into the battery.

Insulation covers.

After preparation, the tractor is allowed to work in winter conditions.

In places where tractors are outdoors all the time between shifts, they need to be specially warmed up.

The tractor is equipped with an individual pre-start heating system


Tractors leave for work.

Group warming up of tractors using a water-air heater.

A cartoon explaining the operation of the heater.

Key words

Tractor preparation.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Refueling the cooling system with hot water allows you to warm up the engine block to a temperature of 50-70 degrees.

The engine then starts easier and faster than in summer.

In winter, refueling is carried out immediately after work.

at the same time, winter oil is refueled.

Cleaning the tractor from snow.

Snow can cause the tracks to jump off, it can penetrate into the internal cavities of the nodes.

A sample of the application of an electric group installation for heating tractors.

For this purpose, tractors are equipped with heating elements, which are introduced through the holes of the drain plugs into the crankcases of the engines and rear axles.

A cartoon explaining the warming up of the tractor by this method.

In the morning, you need to turn on the pump and fill the cooling system with hot water.

In another department of this state farm, where a place for liquefied gas is equipped, the oil in the tractor units is heated using infrared burners.

These burners are placed under the crankcases of the engine and rear axles.

At the same time, water is prepared in gas heaters to fill the cooling system of the machines.

Small-sized gas installation for heating four cars.

This installation can be powered from gas cylinders for domestic use.

Enabling the installation.

The water for refueling the tractor is also heated by gas.

Gas burners.

In farms with steam sources for heating, it is advisable to use steam installations.

Such an installation can heat 10 tractors.

Steam is directed through the hose to the heated nodes.

A cartoon explaining this method of warming up.

Snow retention.

A special device for performing this operation.

The tractor drags two snowshoes.

The K700 tractor can pull 3 snowshoes for this purpose it is necessary to use special couplings.

The use of sledge trains for hauling hay.

It is impossible to allow sudden braking in winter.

Accident when the tractor turns sharply.

When driving through reservoirs, you need to check the thickness of the ice.

Tractor rides on ice.

Alternating frames with tractors performing work in winter.

Key words

Warming up the engine.
The specifics of working in winter.

Locations: Tselinograd region.

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