Soviet Ural Mountains № 47 (1983)

Newsreel №41485, 1 part, duration: 0:08:57
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Schelokov V.
Camera operators:Avdeev S., Monastirskij V., Tregubov A.


Special Issue on the air defense troops of the Volga-Urals Military District.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of May 1, 1960 in Sverdlovsk: A flock of pigeons on the ground.

Festive banners.

Past the monument to Vladimir Lenin in Sverdlovsk moving demonstration.

The demonstrators applauded, the photographer takes pictures.

Girls with flowers.

People carry the logo of the Ural Heavy Machinery Plant (UZTM, "Uralmash").

Woman with flowers.

Schoolgirls with garlands and balloons.

Newsreel: Leningrad, St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Fountain in front of the building.

Foreign troops in the area.

Team goes down the line.

The meeting of military and civilians.

Photographers NATO. Military aircraft in the sky.

High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed U-2 (Lockheed U-2).

Ranks of soldiers.

Aircraft carrier at sea.

Barrel of artillery.

Animation: the approach routes to the territory of the USSR on the world map.

Chronicle of May 1, 1960 in Sverdlovsk:

In the ranks of the demonstration a man with a child on his shoulders.

Children in costumes and masks.

Adults with flags.

Personnel news US:

The lights of the flying military aircraft.

The wireless operator.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The lights of the airfield and airplane taking off.

Chronicle of May 1, 1960 in Sverdlovsk Monument to Lenin.

Pioneers carry a banner and a portrait of Lenin.

The military unit watching the demonstration on television.

The soldiers playing chess.

The kitchen duty peeling potatoes.

The soldier shaves in front of a mirror.

Alternation: radar air defense system, the observer, the trajectory of the aircraft on the radar screen.


The soldiers throw their case and run out of the building.

With rocket launchers shoot disguise.

Soldiers in the headquarters.

Personnel Day demonstration on the TV.

Chess board with figures overturned.

The observer from the radar screen.

Soldiers count rate spy plane.

Preparing the rocket launcher to fire.

Soldiers in the headquarters.

Powered radar.

The soldiers ordered the pilot to land transfer.

The launching of rockets.

Contact with the plane.

Burning wreckage of the plane in the sky.

Photos of the wreckage on the ground.

Soldiers inspect the wreckage.

Demonstrators with banners and flowers.

Panorama of the city center.

New motorcycles in the shop.

Cars on the conveyor.

A woman in a spinning mill.

The street running dog teams.

People greet participants of the tour at the Arctic.

Movement along the street (shooting from the open car).

Chelyabinsk plant of road machines D.V.Kolyuschenko name (now "Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines"), the controller D.L.Pankov.

Work in the shops of the plant.

Monument "Katyusha".

Information on the name board of honor.

Out of the gate leaves grader.

Vehicle with trailer drives through shop.

Tells D.L.Pankov.

The emblem of the Air Defense Forces.

The soldiers take the oath.

Those soldiers and the people present at the ceremony.

Striping: On the podium in chief of the Volga-Urals Military District, faces of the soldiers, the soldiers near a rocket launcher.

Parade of Soviet troops.

Powered radar.

Soldiers watching the radar.

Soldiers marching in front of the podium.

A fragment of an interview with one of the anti-aircraft gunners.

Chronicle of May 1, 1960 in Sverdlovsk:

Photo wreckage.


Soldiers marching through the territory of the military unit.

The soldier saluted.

They operate air defense radars.

Anti-aircraft gunners on duty.

Radar screen.


A press photographer takes pictures.

Those girls.

A military band.

Panorama demonstration, people carried banners and portraits of statesmen.

Clouds in the sky.


Ravens MR - Colonel defense, deputy of the Sverdlovsk city council delegate XII Party Congress, the head of the Facilitation Committee of reserve officers, a member of the Council of Veterans of Tuapse.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Sverdlovsk region [803] Leningrad [848] USA [851]

Seasons: Spring [825] Winter [823]

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