Soviet Ural Mountains 1986 № 14

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Reel №1

Scene 1 "Working for the robot"

PNRM. buildings of the production association "Gear" - LS.

Shop inside, work mechanisms of automatic line - different.

Operation of the robot machine - MS.

Topic 2 "Do not peck of salt ..." By train rides locomotive carries the composition of freight trains - MS.

Manual unloading salt fertilizers from the wagon train - different.

Compacted salt chainsaw cut to blocks - different.

Documents on cargo of salt - CU.

Tractor on a rope stretched caked salt from the car - different.

Monolith salt falls, breaks up - CU.

Excavator bucket rolling in a lump of salt - CU.

Tons of salt lie near the railroad - LS.

Truck driving on salt - LS.

Salt on the ground - different.

The train goes past the salt on the ground - LS.

Topic 3 "Durable vicious circle" Cars cars on the ground near the railway - LS.

Playground with cargo containers at railroad - LS.

The announcement of the "ten-day export goods" - CU.

Interview of deputy chief of station - MS.

Cargo containers on the ground - PNRM. - MS.

Synchron Head of Transport - MS.

Trucks passing, is loaded into the truck - different.

The bags are not exported goods - MS.

Truck driven into the back of the tube - MS.

Spinning reel with film on tape "Rhythm-reporter" - CU.

PNRM. across the table from the telephone to the mini-telephone exchange - MS.

Interview Director Mebeltorga - MS.

Cargo crane carries boxes by air - MS.

The warehouse forklift travels with drawers - MS.

The sticker on the box about the refrigerator "Juruzan" - CU.

Synchron director Mebeltorga - MS.

Glass package, cuts the glass glazier for buyers - MS.

Synchron director Mebeltorga - MS.

Truck carries boxes in the back - MS.

Crane transports goods by air in the body - LS.

The boxes with the goods MS.

Two workers throw bricks salt truck - MS.

Working hand-in automated production - MS.

The streets are pedestrian - MS.

Industry; Trains