Soviet Ural Mountains № 4 From the Congress - to the Congress (1986)

Newsreel №41504, 1 part, duration: 0:09:56
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Mihajlova I.
Camera operators:Novikov M.


Special edition of the achievements of industrial and agricultural enterprises of Bashkiria.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ufa, Salavat Yulaev monument on the banks of the White River.

In the forest, the snow melts.

The buds on the branches of a willow.

Ice drift on the river.

Factory pipe.

View of the metallurgical plant.

From the ladle pouring molten metal.

Through the workshop is a woman.

Products Ufa plant textile fiber.

Work machines.

Scientists in the laboratory.

Conference hall.

Winner of socialist competition award banner.

Novo-Ufa refinery.

Working in the shop.


The workers go through the mud.

Honored Oilman R.S.Sharipov Bashkiria.

Brigade R.S.Sharipova on the rig.

Equipment for oil wells.

People with a horse in the field, away grazing cows.

Cargo ships on the river.

The crew in the cockpit.

Timber rafting on the river.

White River.

Collective farm fields.

The field is Combine Harvester.

The grain falls out of a truck.

Tractor M.Shaybatova raises a flag on the square of the district center. M.Shaybatova against the backdrop of the stand.

Kushnarenkovsky district, Sverdlov collective farm, tractor E.Ahiyarova preparing for competitions tillers.

Tractor on the field.

Winners on the podium. E.Ahiyarovoy award prizes.

Closes the door the tractor cab. E.Ahiyarova driving.

Combines to harvest.


Grain in storage.

Combines leave harvested field.

Haystacks in the fields.

Holiday at the end of the harvest.

Awarding of the winners.

People in national costumes with the traditional loaf.

Entrance to the farm market.

Top view of the fairground series.

A woman examines headscarves.

A man with a lamb in her arms.

The seller pours honey.

National struggle.

Men pass from hand to hand a goose.

Folk dances.

The exhibition of national costume.

Winter blizzard.

Covered with snow fences.

The street dog runs.

Cows eat hay, a child throws a bundle of hay in the corral.

Because of the snow sticking hives.

The path is a woman with a can.

Cattle among cows.

Milkmaid milking machines checked.

On a farm tractor with trailer drives.

Pipes on the roofs.

In a glass pour mare.

Sterlitamakskij dairy factory, production line kumys from cow's milk.

Shells poultry farm.

People go down the aisle.

Experts are watching chickens-laying hens.

Young employees of the factory.

Eggs on a conveyor belt.

View of the city, on the way people walk.

A group of children in a kindergarten.

Children draw.

People come to the feast.

Women catch geese.

Women plucked birds.

Villagers go to the river, women are geese on yokes.

Goose carcasses piled around the hole, and then rinsed in water.

Woman carrying a plate of pancakes and puts on the table.

People dance in the street.

Men play the accordion.

Horse-drawn sleigh in.

Machines go across the bridge (shooting from the car).

Past home are people, there is little snow.

The inscription on the building.

View of the road due to the snow-covered fir trees.

The street passing tram.

Children's playground, kids slide down the hill.

People on the streets of the city.

High-rise building on the road.

View of the monument to Salavat Yulaev.

Locations: Bashkiria [883] Ufa [889]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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