Soviet Ural Mountains № 15 The saga of a tin. (1982)

Newsreel №41533, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:57


Special edition devoted to the problems of blank recycled.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children playing football can.

Tin in the snow.

People and vehicles in the streets.

The seller carries the cart with canned food shop in the hall.

Placer cans.

Canned food on the shelves.

Drink bottled and canned in glass jars.

The seller opens a bottle of drink.

Corks from bottles raked over the counter in the scoop.

Tin lids scoop throw in the trash.

Gorki empty cans in the snow.

A stack of sheets of wrapping paper.

Factory pasting labels of cans.

Movement cans on the conveyor in the shops.

Truck enters the landfill reverse.

Emptying the trash cans.

The garbage cans prevail.

A man with a bag on his shoulder avoids landfill.

Woman carrying building materials.

The man shakes carpet goes to paper bags and stacks them in a pile.

Dump garbage dumps.

On a country road passing buses and trucks.

Rubbish on the roadside in the snow.

Wooden boxes next to the barn.

The old wheel and other debris.

A stack of paper in the snow behind bars visible legs of passersby.

Man burns trash in the yard.

Glass bottles in the snow.

Queue handing over glass containers, standing at the foot of the bag.

Collection point near the apartment house.

Announcements and locks on reception centers.

An elderly woman carries a bag on a sled, going after a woman with a bag in his hands.

A woman opens the door to the reception center.

People with bags are on the streets.

A man with a shopping bag with bottles lying down on the porch of the receiving points.

Wooden boxes covered with snow.

Children playing with boxes.

Man breaks a box with an ax.

A man with a shopping bag with bottles.

Private collection point.

Wooden containers burns in the fire.

Closed reception centers.

A man with a shopping bag over her shoulder.

Wooden box break ax.

A man with a shopping bag over her shoulder removed the street.

From snow pull out drawer for bottles.

A man with a shopping bag and a box up the stairs.

People carry a box together with empty bottles.

People carry the bottles in crates on a sled.

A man with a shopping bag and a box runs across the road.

Box with bottles transmit clerk.

Clerk Refundable wrong size bottle.

The queue at the reception center, in a box at the entrance fold inappropriate bottle.

Man takes and carries shopping bags with glass jars.

Elderly man with grandchildren carries garbage to the dump.

The trash thrown bundles of waste paper.

From the bag discarded bottles and old clothes.

Man responds to a reporter's question.

Children throw trash.

Closed reception centers.

Garbage near the village.

Rickety fence.

Garbage in the cubbyhole between the fences.

An employee receiving points reads the book.

Destroyed buildings.

Letters of people in the newspaper.

Panorama houses.

Perm shop "Stimulus".

The view from the window of the store.

An empty room.

The seller at the counter reading a book.

Trash in an empty hangar.

Key words

The Economy.

Locations: Izhevsk [890] Perm [887] Sverdlovsk [876] Tyumen [888] Chelyabinsk [885]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shop "Stimulus" in Sverdlovsk.

Near the shop is a car, people are talking.

People come into the store.

The owner of the store R.A.Halilov working in the warehouse.

Goods exchange on the shelves.

The woman and the owner of the store deploying material on the counter.

Advertising and propaganda posters.

Woman puts trash on the scales.

The child puts the bag on the scales.

The queue at the store, people pass the trash. R.A.Halilov give change and book tickets.

Mobile collection point in the yard of a house.

People are going to take the recycled item.

Clerk weighing a bag of rags and placed in the machine.

Women are considered covered.

Women with a blanket and a towel.

People lined paper stack on a sled.

Clerk calculated with people.

Bundles of paper thrown into the car.

Workers in the shops paper recycling.

Waste paper on the conveyor.

Pressed pellets.

The briquettes are transported by truck and placed in a pile.

Chopping up waste paper falling into the boiler.

Shop for the production of cardboard packaging.

Sheets of cardboard.

In the forest felled pine.

Truck transports logs.

The workers are sawing and burn thin trunks and branches.

He lit the fire, bulldozer pulls the trunks of pine trees.

Cloth on the machine.

Working in the shop.

Manufacture of corrugated paper.

Bulldozer shovels debris.

Mountains of debris crushed the plant Recycling.

Glass jars on the conveyor.

Glassblowers at work.

Glasses on the conveyor.

New production plant.

Secondary raw materials at the plant nonwoven coverings.

Workshops for the production of felt, carpets and floor coverings.

Raised body truck.

Garbage in landfill.

Over dump circling sparrows.

Dissolve: the tank falls garbage banknotes.

A quote from the speech of Leonid Brezhnev.

Key words

The Economy.

Locations: Izhevsk [890] Perm [887] Sverdlovsk [876] Tyumen [888] Chelyabinsk [885]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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