Alexander Nevsky Lavra. XX Century. (2008)

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Movie №1 Alexander Nevsky Lavra. XX Century

The film tells about the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St.


In the role of tour guides - Lavra monks and musician Yuri Shevchuk.

Newsreel 1900 - 1920-ies:

Life of the peasantry.

Lives of citizens.

The revolutionary events of 1917 in St.


Nicholas II and his officers.

All People's Procession in revolutionary Petrograd.

Famine in the Volga peasants sit on the ground at the bowlers at the stake, lifted from the ground prostrate woman, dead bodies on the ground, people passing by, the children's faces.

Kazan Cathedral.

The streets of Petrograd, people.

Shot clergy and believers in the tombs.

Church utensils seized in churches.

Expropriators find coins, pour coins.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Demonstration passes by St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

High prelates at the table, signed the document.

Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood.


Council of church hierarchs.

Dining room in the church building.

Anti-religious meetings, mummers in the garb of clergy and noble dress, puppets depicting priests.

Cartoonist draws anti-religious posters.

Supports N. Bukharin.

People on a skating rink.

Biological Museum, baby crocodile, plain, men and women at the exhibits.

Falls church dome.

Newsreel 30-ies.:

Train with prisoners.

Prisoners build a railroad camp in the winter.

General view of Leningrad.

A crumbling temple, a hole in the dome.

Burning icons, people dance in a circle around the fire.

Newsreel 1941-1942.:

Go German tanks are German soldiers, flying airplanes.

Soviet soldiers in the trenches, fleeing the attack.

German tank officer in the hatch of the tank.

German tanks in the field, are German soldiers.

Winter besieged Leningrad.

People walk along the waterfront, a woman carries a sled with a dead body.

People marching soldiers in anti-aircraft gun.

From the windows of the house sticking pipe stoves.

People on the streets, dead bodies.

Antiaircraft gun shoots on a background of Isak.


German planes in the sky.

Soldiers and sailors system passes through the streets of Leningrad, goes to the front.

Woman Cross soldiers.

Bread trays are loaded onto a cart.

Woman dealer cuts a loaf of bread, weighs in the balance rations, women in the queue.

Newsreel 1943 - 1945 gg.

With tram.

Crowded carriage, people hang on pegs.

Tankers of tanks, tank called "Dmitry Donskoy".

The priest blesses the passing tank column.


Epiphany Cathedral.

Enthronement of Alexis I.

Newsreel 1946-1949 gg.:

Streets postwar Leningrad, trucks, pedestrians.

Worshipers at the temple gate with priests.

General view from Leningrad Admiralty building (above).

Newsreel 80s.:

Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, the parishioners.

Metropolitan Alexy of Leningrad and Novgorod (Ridiger) visits Laura.

Newsreel 1996:

Patriarch Alexy II and Metropolitan Vladimir Kotliarov take symbolic right to lease the Alexander Nevsky Monastery of academician Igor Gorynin.

General view of the monastery.

Metropolitan of St.

Petersburg and Ladoga Vladimir holds worship in the cathedral of the monastery.

The film features the shooting of Alexander Nevsky Lavra Monastery monks life, worship, interviews Archimandrite Nazaire (Lavrynenko) - Laura governor and other clergy.




St. Petersburg, Russia

Culture and Arts; World War II; Religion