So good!. (2007)

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: M.Tarasova, L.Haritonova

Operators: P.Sidnev

Other authors: V filjme prozvuchala pesnya O.Nemirovskogo v ispolnenii avtora

Reel №1

The film tells the village precinct Egorevsk Maslyaninsky district of the Novosibirsk region.

Eugenia Gycheve.

The first part.

Flowers in the meadow in the background - wooden houses on the hills.

River, trees on coast, clouds in the sky.

Egorevsk village, district E.Gychev talking to the man and woman in the yard of their home, in the background - chickens in a cage Polenitsa firewood.

Teens brought into the yard cans with water. E.Gychev goes on a wooden bridge across the river, suitable for marble quarry.

General view of career, working appliances.

Poacher boat swims to shore, it delays the district is protocol. - Caught fish.

E.Gycheva mother tells of her son (sinhr.), accompanies him from home to work.

General view of the wooden house. E.Gychev talking with his father - a member of the cooperative miners "Suenga" on his career.

Police department staff meeting.

Cows stand in the river. E.Gychev with workmates cooking soup on the river bank.

Men swimming in the river. E.Gychev takes readings at the woman in the yard of her house, in the background - a horse tied to the fence.

The car rides on a rural road, the passengers in the cabin.

Indices "Egorevsk.

Suenga "," Dubrovka ". E.Gychev walking down the street of the village. - Siberian cat. E.Gychev talking about himself (sinhr.).

The second part.

Waterfall in the mountains and forest.

Forest, trees on the rocks in the foreground - the flowers in the meadow.

Girls with bouquets of flowers are on the path.

River, water flows through the rapids.

PNRM. the village. E.Gychev with his wife and young daughter out of the gate of his house.

Girls washing clothes in the river. E.Gychev teammates cut down trees in the forest district splits the firewood in the yard of his house, his wife takes off with dried linen rope. E.Gychev protocol is at the grocery store.

Saleswoman releases goods to buyers.

Passenger car traveling along a deserted road.

Horse foal in the paddock at the country house.

Gobies grazing on the lawn.

Administrative building in the foreground - the cart rides, a cow tied to a tree.

Elderly man in his yard.

The policeman in the office reading statements from citizens and explain the defendants.

TV "plate" in one of the houses.

Policeman on a motorcycle rides on the road.

The post office in the village Dubrovka.

Men kolyat firewood in the yard, a woman working in the garden.

PNRM. The flowering meadow.

Gas cylinders in the back of a specially equipped vehicle, the villagers take cylinders.

A group of teenagers with a moped walking down the street of the village.

The girl tells the offense of one of the teens (sinhr.).

Policemen in front of the police station Maslyaninsky Novosibirsk Region. E.Gychev rides in the car on a rural road. E.Gychev talks with villagers in rickety shed.

Roosters in the barn.

Key words

Landscapes. Militia. Protection of nature and environment. Mining (mining) industry. Road transport and road. Trade. Livestock. Cities, towns, villages. Family. Standard of living. National life.