Fall of Icarus.. (2003)

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: Yu.A.Shiller

Operators: I.Tirskij

Reel №1

Part 1.

Steppe lake village.

Says ambulance driver Fedoseich (synchronously).

Fedoseich about UAZ.

The boy on the road.


Steppe, train rides away.

Woman sitting in the yard.

Two men sit on their haunches.

Girl removes windows home boy.

From a rural doctor and go home Fedoseich.

Kids playing soccer.

Rural church, the bell ringer on the roof.


Fedoseich gives Ryndia priest near residents with children.

Seagull sits on the water.

Fedoseich with the priest at the church talk (synchronously).

Fedoseich with the priest at the table at home.

Podsveshnik woman brushing, watering the flowers in the church, rubs icons.

UAZ passes through the village.

Dog in a kennel.


Tested male.

The priest and the woman talk (synchronously).

Girl at home shows a top model.

Mower in the field.


Part 2.

Homemade Fedoseich car driving on a road.

Pets in the yard.


Kites in the sky.

Fedoseich with his wife and a neighbor standing at the fence, talk (synchronously).


Dry trees on a swamp.

Turns Fedoseich propeller aircraft made them.

Heron taking off.

The priest goes through the village.

The people at the fair.

Marx broken pedestal in the park.

Broken sculpture of the girl.

Woman with children in the garden.

Fedoseich with the priest at the plane, talk (synchronously).

Fedoseich wife on the bench.

The priest blesses the plane.

Illuminated at night at home at home.

Fedoseich with a man in the house.


Cat on a nightstand.

Rooks in the sky.

Fedoseich guys take out the plane on the way to ship a car and driven.

Seagull with a broken wing runs on water.

Guys near the aircraft tire is inflated.

Fedoseich puts the parachute and helmet.

Herd of cows in a field.

Part 3.

Herd of horses in a field.

Fedoseich baptized and begins to take off.

Fedoseich wife about the aircraft.

Plane flying low over the field, falls and flips.

Kite in the sky.

Plowman with a horse in the field, the kids mow the grass.

Fedoseich explains the cause of the crash (synchronously).

Fedoseich with the priest sitting on a bench near the church, talk (synchronously).

Rstanovka bus in the village.

Men go.


The truck rides on the field, harvesters.

Mowers in the field.

Girl and cat.


Priest in the house writes icon.

Statue of a soldier.

Plane stands in the garden.

Fedoseich in the cockpit of the car.

At the fair, the guys buy a pig.

Plane in a field along the road goes into the distance.

Key words

Ingenuity. Family. Settlements. Christianity. Aviation. Road transport. Life. Crop. Wildlife. Landscapes. Trade. Medicine.