Age and years.. (1970)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: V.Eremeev

Operators: V.Dzobaev, V.Solomin


The film is dedicated to the history of Chechen-Ingushetia.

Reel №1

The first part.

Highlander standing on a mountain plateau, fog, in the background - snow-capped mountain peaks.

Tower in the mountains. - The face of an elderly man in a fur cap.

Mountain lake, rocks along the banks, PNRM.

Boulders on the plateau in the mountains.

Archaeologists unearth ancient burial ground, take out the skull, take measurements.

Girl archaeologist lays on the ground shards from the mound.

General view of the excavation.

Forest in the mountains.

Archaeologists sitting around the campfire in the woods.

Sculptural portraits of ancient vainakhov - men and women.

Wooden sculptures depicting vainakhov.

Ancient watchtowers in the mountains.

PNRM. on one of the towers.

General view of the tower of the city - historical and architectural monument.

View from inside the tower-houses.

Recreated life-tower dwelling.

Master mason sign on one of the stones of the tower (the tower carved outline of his hand).

Ornaments carved in stone.

B / W to / t: Terek region., Beginning XX c.

Mullah urges Muslims to prayer, men at prayer;

woman on the street in the mountain village rolled wool;

men carry haystacks on the street;

group of Caucasian women walking along a mountain path;

woman with a bale on the back up the hill;

the man behind the manufacture of wood products in a stone fence;

man and woman plowed ground using a plow pulled by oxen, the baby tied to the back of the woman;

little boy helps his father to plow;

woman working at the loom;

woman kneads dough in the oven on the street;

woman breastfeeding a baby;

view of one of the mountain villages; - Persons older Highlanders;

mountain waterfall;

Black Sea province, 1914., The king's troops marching down the mountain road ahead - the brass band musicians;

Cossack units go on building in the mountains; May 21, 1914., Parade at Krasnaya Polyana in honor of the conquest of the Western Caucasus, Nicholas II and his entourage takes the parade;

Russian officers in the mountains.

Photos of the rebels in 1877. Chechens against imperial authority (the Mountain poor headed by Alibek Aldanov).

The second part.

B / W to / t: Terek region., 1910 1917gg., City

Grozny, wooden derricks; [1918.], The North Caucasus, red cavalry galloping across the plain; Cranes squad Chechens and Ingush rides on a mountain road;  1918., Sort of ruined buildings in the mountain village; girls at home in the village smiling; kids eat cake; little boy holding a corn on the cob; Little Mountain Girl eats; elderly mountaineer climbs the stairs to the roof of the house; of

Terrible, 1920., PNRM. on the oil rig, riding trains with oil; 1920., girls miners go to school sign "GALASHKINSKAYA Primary schools";

children sit at their desks in the classroom;

girls and boys out of school, playing in the yard; 1930s., Terek region., Rides a tractor with a red flag, it is followed by the farmers;

Goryanka driving a tractor rides on the field;

first international wedding (bride - Ossetian, groom - Ingush), and young guests out of the house, a friend with the bride sit in the crew, men sit at a table in the yard, dancing at the wedding;

banner on the background of the monument to Lenin "OIL five-year period of 2.5 years";

workers build an oil rig;

construction of oil fields in Grozny oil flows;

oil companies are on the road ahead - a brass band in the background - derricks.

Photos of the Bolsheviks, led the fight in Grozny for Soviet power in 1917.

Group photographs Red Cossacks, Chechens, labor battalions defending Grozny parts of the White Army.

Grozny, a monument to the fighters who fell for the Soviets in the hundred day fighting in 1918.

PNRM. on mountain cliffs, clouds over the peaks.

Mountain waterfall.

Mountain scenery, the river in the gorge.

PNRM. to bust Aslambek Sheripova - Chechen Red Army commander.

Sculptural portrait Ingush revolutionary Gapur Akhrieva.

House in the mountain village, plaque on the wall, "In this house in February and April 1918. WAS G.K.ORDZHONIKIDZE - organizers and leaders of the partisan movement in the Terek region. "

Photos G.K.Ordzhonikidze different years.

Photos Highlanders - Red Army soldiers.

Photos of Chechen and Ingush elders, children Mountaineers hold a placard "Trembling OLD WORLD CHANGE GO!".

Tombstone on the grave, the NDP "Persistent SAYHANOVU Alaudinov Bolsheviks killed in the PARTY DEBT The bandits FISTS-16 May 1933."

Girls collect maple leaves in the park, put on the grave. - Face girls.

New Grozny (shot from a passing car).

Commuter Bus.

Cars, scooters traveling on the road.

Construction of dwelling house.

Cars go over the bridge, pedestrians go.

Elderly man in a fur hat standing in the street.

Admissions Committee in one of the institutions of Grozny, she answers questions examiners.

Girl sitting at their desks in the classroom, preparing to respond to tickets.

Students and their parents are in the list received, - Face future students.

PNRM. on the oil tank.

Mower running on the field.

And master weaver at the loom at the factory.

Vietnamese colleagues on the shop floor of a factory.

A woman sits in the cockpit of a military aircraft, the plane takes off.

Attaching Award banner Chechen-Ingush ASSR in a festive atmosphere.

Drillers work for installation on an oil well, PNRM. on the rig at the well. - Storage unit.

Key words

Landscapes. Archaeology. Population. Architecture. Energy. Individual farms. National life. Gen. Chechens. Gen. Ingush. Armed forces. Russian Civil War. Trains and roads. Crop. Schooling. Sculpture. Vocational education. Towns, villages.