Meeting on the ground of the Chechen-Ingush Republic.. (1972)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: S.Kiselev

Operators: M.Kolesnikov

Reel №1

The first part.

Horsemen galloping on horseback across the field.

Artists folk dance ensemble dance lezginka on wooden stage, the audience applauded. - Face steelworker at work.

Harvester travels across the field.

Work in the shops of one of the mills.

Types of alpine lake Kizin am.

Work at oil wells.

PNRM. for storage facilities.

Grozny, the tour guide at the museum tells visitors about the republic.

Tram passes over the bridge.

Houses, pedestrians walk along the bridge.

Former KGB officer, the commandant of the train with oil products bound for 1920 in Moscow to Vladimir Lenin, M.P.Gorbachev tells about the events of those days. M.P.Gorbachev sitting at his desk in his front garden, reading the newspaper "Grozny Worker", the wife brings to the table a watermelon.

Photos M.P.Gorbacheva young. M.P.Gorbachev walking down the street in Grozny paper in hand. - Kiosk "Souzpechat" on one of the streets.

Train - the tank with oil travels by rail.

Work in the oil fields, facial oil.

Hero of Socialist Labor, hereditary oilman V.G.Babukov of drillers at the well. V.G.Babukov tells about the restoration of wells in the Great Patriotic War, after the liberation of


View of an oil derrick.

Head of the association "Grozneft" V.B.Nazarov talks about working association. - Persons of deep drilling oil Maglobekskogo district.

Honorary Oilman, head Maglobekskogo oil region S.A.Pliev comes with oil to the rig.

Chief rig chevalier Lenin M.Hadziev at rig drillers work of his team.

PNRM. on the oil rig, the slogan "congress decision - to life!".

Terek-Kuma Lowland, dry steppe species used in the winter as pasture.

Shepherds sheep being kicked out of the pen in the pasture. - Hero of Socialist Labor, master growing breed merino N.Esmuhamedov Grozny.

N.Esmuhamedova House, women bake bread.

Column on the street of the village, the girls stand at the gate of the house.

Nazran, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Chechen-Ingush N.Esmuhamedov exams at the agricultural college, - His face.

Handing N.Esmuhamedovu diploma in a solemn ceremony. N.Esmuhamedov rides driving a car "Volga" on the road in the desert, sitting in the cabin of his children, the car comes to a village to his parents.

Parents N.Esmuhamedova welcome guests. N.Esmuhamedov comes on a visit to his friend M.Batmanovu - Hero of Socialist Labor, farm foreman integrated brigades "Caucasus" Malgobek district.

Shepherd on horseback herding a flock of sheep on the field.

B / W to / t: 1920., W / d of oil composition travels by rail; PNRM. on the oil rig.

The second part.

Grozny, new districts, construction of residential houses.

View of an ancient tower in the mountains.

Tour guide tells the story of the towers, shows the layout of the interior of the tower.

PNRM. one of the villages on the mountainside.

Car driving on a road at the foot of the mountain.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of Nozhai-Yurt district council A.S.Bataeva on building, talking to a collective farm chairman V.Elsulhaevym. A.S.Bataeva talks about his work, about the life of women in the past Goryanka.

First aviatrix-Chechen woman parachutist Lala Nasukhanovs standing at his plane.

The plane flies in the sky.

Pilot V.I.Gromov talks about his student Lala Nasukhanovs.

Lala with her husband and children in her apartment. L.Nasuhanova sits in the cockpit of his plane, talks about how she became a female pilot.

Urus-Martan district, harvesting in the fields.

Tractor with mower mows the grass on the field, riding tractor-drawn sledges.

View of the town of Urus-Martan, from a high point.


Head Folk Dance Ensemble Honored Worker of Culture of the Chechen-Ingush Doc Katagiri tells about the ensemble.

Artists Ensemble perform on the open stage, the audience sitting on the benches. V.Muchaeva (Komsomol worker) A.Kuzbichkina (med.rabotnik). Z.Elthanova (Student), R.Zubayraeva (librarian) perform the national dance.

Moscow, artists ensemble perform at the Exhibition Center, the audience applauded.

Speaker Dock Katagiri.

Artists throw flowers from the stage to the audience. D.Katagirov and his ensemble of actors go through the alley at ENEA, in the background - a fountain "Friendship of Peoples".

Grozny, cars traveling on the street, the girls stand in a shop window, go to pedestrians.

Tram rides on one of the streets in downtown Grozny.

Rocks, flowing water of the mountain river in the gorge.

B / W to / t [1922.] Rides Red Army detachment Highlanders.

Key words

Towns, villages. Landscapes. Energy. Textile industry. City transport. Road transport and road. Crop. Livestock. Collective farms. Vocational education. Museums. Family. Standard of living. Air transport. Amateur Art. Trains and roads. National life.