House.. (1999)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: G.Gavrilov, A.Morgoev

Other authors: V.Kachurin, I.Kusov, G.Darchiev, F.Besaeva

Reel №1

The plot of the film is dedicated to the Cossack village Arhonsky in North Ossetia, which celebrated its 160th anniversary of its founding.

Residents of the village tell their life stories that intersect with the history of his native village.

Part 1.

Virtual tour of the ruins of houses.

A girl sits among the ruins, making sketches.

Children slide down slides, walking on the street: the girl carries a sled with her younger sister, the boy goes on a 3-wheeled bike.

Panorama of one of the streets of the village at the bridge across the river.

Winter landscape of the village.

Horse stands beside the road, the car rides on the highway.

Residents of the village are on the street, a man riding a bicycle.

A man walking along the road, bear tree.

Panorama of one of the houses.

The decoration on the roof in the form of two doves.

Panorama from the roof to the woman in the doorway of the house.

Men shoveling snow shoveling in the yard of an elderly woman - Anna Leontevna Kovalev looks out the window, the daughter of Anne Leontyevna with a broom in the yard, petting the dog, clung to her feet.

Panorama of the interior of one of the rooms in the house of Anna Kovaleva Leontyevna: chandelier, iconostasis icon lamp.

Anna Leontevna sitting in the room, says (sinhr.) about their ancestors - the Cossacks, who settled in the village Arhonsky, about his father, who was shot in 1937, right in the village, about his life (and sinhr. per frame.) before the war and after the war, died in the Great Patriotic War, husband and brothers

Daughter Anna Leontyevna - Olga tells about his life (and sinhr. per frame.) Sits next to Anna Leontevna with great-grandson in her arms.

Granddaughter Anna Leontyevna - Eugene plays the harmonium (sinhr.), her eldest son sits nearby, listening.

Gene talks about his grandmother, about the role she plays in her life.

General view of the local cemetery.

Panorama on the graves, on the crosses on the graves.

Relatives in the cemetery.

Consecration of Easter cakes and eggs for Easter: on the tables displayed in the cemetery for the consecration of Easter cakes and eggs, the priest blesses them.

Among those present at the cemetery and Anna Leontevna Kovalev.

Everyone baptized.

Relatives at the graves of their loved ones, put flowers.

Behind the scenes message sounds on the radio about the seizure of hostages in armed gangs Raduev Budenovsve.

Anna Leontevna sitting on a bench, listening to the message.

Daughter Olga with their grandchildren in the yard.

One of the great-grandchildren walking in a walker.

Close-up of Anna Leontyevna.

General view of the basket of corn cobs.

Panorama with baskets on hand Leontyevna Anna, whom she luschit corn.

Anna Leontevna sitting in the room, talks about his life, says that the main thing - is that there was no war (sinhr.).

Anna Leontevna looking through the window into the yard.

Panorama of a blossoming apple tree in the garden.

Part 2.

Fog creeps over the field, the trees on the hill village (in the background).

Tractor work the land.

Pointer to the road "Cossack village Arhonsky 1838-1996."

View of the village (VO song sounds).

Street of the village.

View of the monument in memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War fellow villagers.

Panorama of the villagers homes.

A resident of the village - Zeinab Omarovna Abdullayev sitting at the sewing machine (shot through the window), it works.

View pillowcases on the pillows with rishile.

Zeinab children in the room.

The eldest daughter is facing the mirror, puts eye shadow, the other girls involved with the baby on the couch.

One of the younger girls play with dolls.

Behind the scenes on the radio message about the actions of gangs in Chechnya and Dagestan.

Zeinab Abdullayev expressed their negative attitude to the terrorists' actions, says that people used to live together, regardless of their nationality and religion (sinhr.).

Zainab says that the long lives of the Russian people, and they never have they imposed it as their faith (sinhr.).

Zeinab talks about his family, children, grandchildren, shakes hands on the child, something he croons (sinhr.).

Women working in the field.

A group of men standing in a field in the wagon.

Passing drills on the field, women manually loosen the soil.

Maqsood Abdullayev says that left Dagestan in search of work (per frame.).

Maqsood in his studio, working on metal.

Type of metal patterns on the facade and roof of a house odngo made Maksoud.

Grandnephew Maksoud in the studio, get skills on metal.

Maksud works for a grinder, talking with a man.

Zeinab and Maksudd sit at home, tell us about yourself (sinhr.).

According to the radio, which stands at the window, pass the latest posts on hostage-taking in Budennovsk.

On the floor on a pillow lies the Koran, prayer sounds Zeinab, praying, kneeling.

Radmila granddaughter Zeinab talks about his grandparents (per frame.).

Zainab says that her dream is to live well children (per frame.).

Maqsood said that he wants a good life for their children, that they all received an education.

Granddaughter Anna Leontyevna - Jack talks about how important for a man of his roots.

Old photos showing a group portrait of the Cossacks, photos villagers.

Panorama of the girls who sit and sing old Cossack song (sinhr. and frame.).

Key words

Landscapes. Rural settlements. Life. Family. National composition. Crop. Christianity. Utilities.