Law mountains. (2006)

Documentary №41752, 6 parts
Production: North-Caucasian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:E.Sher


The film is about what unites the peoples of the Caucasus - the laws that define the spiritual condition of a people: Namys, namis, Namus, alamys - as they are called in different Caucasian peoples. All living peoples of the Caucasus, presented different nationalities, should correspond to the high moral law of his ancestors.

Reel №1

Part 1

Landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains: mountain ranges, lake in the mountains, mountain villages, snowy peak of Mount Elbrus, a panorama of Makhachkala, the girl - a resident of Dagestan povyzyvaet handkerchief, a group of girls going to fetch water, pass over the bridge across the mountain river, the bride preparing for the wedding, a flock of sheep walking along the street of the village, an old man plows plow the land, children are running, residents of a mountain village celebrated the rite of rainmaking;

view of the village in the mountains of Dagestan Kubachi;

chasers at work;

panorama of products Kubachi craftsmen;

the old man with the boys at the creek;

woman sculpts figures out of clay;

interview Cand.


Sci Abdurahman Abdurahmanova, academician, director of the Institute of Language, Literature and Art.

Gamzat Tsadasa Haji Gamzatov, Doctor of Philology, Professor Abdulkhakimov Adzhieva, philologist Raziat Abakarova, Doctor of Philology, Professor H.Halilova (sinhr. and frame.).

Part 2.

Caucasus mountains landscape panorama holy relic grove Khetag;

Ossetian pagan holiday celebration in the sacred grove: a woman playing the accordion, people pass through the grove, stand near the temple, put the gifts to the altar in the temple;

general view of the temple;

participants of the celebration cakes cut meat at the banquet table, dancing Ossetian folk dance, sit at the holiday tables;

general view of "city of the dead";

tower in the mountains;

view of the village in the valley and sanctuary "Hsau Dzuar";

people in the sanctuary at the table with gifts;

kind of cakes, a bull's head on a plate;

people behind the covered festive tables;

Tamerlane Dzhelieva interview builder, film director Lyudmila Makgeevoy, N.Dzhusoeva (sinhr. and frame.).

Part 3.

Types of


view of the building Russian State Drama Theatre;

people on the streets, the riders in the mountains, Kabardian horses herd in the valley;

racing horses;

panorama of folk instruments, including and the instrument - shakapshina;

seamstress at work in the studio of the national dress;

panorama of the national costume;

expert in the manufacture mats, batik;

children in the classroom painted;

view of mountain scenery with Mount Elbrus, the riders in the mountains;

interview Doctor of Philology (sinhr. and frame.) A.Tsipinova.

Part 4.

Panorama of mountains, a mountain river;

view of villages in the mountains;

herd of cows grazing in a pasture;

haymaking in the mountains: the mowers at work, on vacation;

stacking hay in a haystack;

flock of sheep, a herd of horses in the mountains;

sits a group of men - representatives of the Council of Elders of the village Kendelen;

general view of the Balkar villages;

view of one of rural households;

old woman - a resident of the village sits the spindle, spins the thread;

girl prepares ayran;

children swimming, playing in the river;

women and girls knit;

grandmother with grandchildren in the yard;

Jamal Chepkenchieva interview, Ramadan Atmurzaeva, Anouar Zheteeva (sinhr. and frame.).

5 part.

Panorama of the mountains;

view of a road in the mountains, houses on the roadside;

general view of the Adyghe village Mafehabl;

kind of ruined chapel, dolmen;

folk rituals Adygeisk Chirakay villages, and Pshizov Hautohabl: holiday village in adegeyskom Chirakay: girls in national dress, dancing;

Adyghe holding national ceremonies in the village Hautohabl - "swaddling baby", "the first baby step";

wedding reception in the village Pshizov on folk customs;

interview with director of the center of popular culture A.Kulova, head of the administration of village Mafehabl Abdul Abazi, Fakhriyya Asani (sinhr. and frame.).

6 part.

Abkhazia landscapes: mountains, Lake Riza, waterfall, rocks;

men sit in the park;

Sukhumi streets;

panorama of the memorial to the fallen in the wars;

holiday in the Abkhaz village Dzhuhva: villagers preparing for the holiday, sitting at the banquet table;

children swinging on a swing;

Abkhaz family members - residents of a village sitting at the dinner table: eating watermelon, hominy;

rainbow over the village;

male choir sings;

general view of Athos monastery;

interview the candidate of historical sciences Yuri Argun B.Kutamiya, G.Tarba, Lothar D. (sinhr. and frame.).

Key words

Arts and crafts.
Rural settlements.
The situation of children.
Out of school education.
Folk festivals.

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