Kostyantynivka in July.. (1971)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: V.Grunin

Operators: M.Kolesnikov


The film tells about the farm work in the village Kostyantynivka (Stavropol Territory).

Reel №1

The first part.

Older women go in a circle, singing a folk song.

Rural landscapes.

Power lines.

Fog over a field.

A flock of geese in the valley.

Wind bends the ears of wheat.

Harvesters go on the field.

Horses in the field munching hay feeders.

Trucks, cars driving on a rural road.

Machine-village Kostiantynivka stand in line at the cashier.

Meeting in the office of an industrial site number 3 "high Phase farming."

Machine operators on the field talking on the radio.

Motorcycle riding on the road.

Cleaning work on the field, - Haystacks.

General view of the field after harvest.

Young musicians brass band rehearsing before the harvest festival. - Conductor.

Foreman speaking on the phone in the office takes farmers, believes in the accounts.

Man with a woman on horse-drawn carriage ride through the field of haystacks.

Harvesting equipment is on the field.

Machine-dinner at the table on the next - a field kitchen.

Chef pours soup into bowls of cans.

Radio operator receives information on the radio about the progress in the harvesting.

Elderly man playing the flute.

Night, going harvesters.

Hay falls out of a truck.

Section chief said on the radio in the car "Victory" on the field.

The second part.

Rehearsal brass orchestra of young musicians.

Radio operator receives the message.

Harvesters working in the field at night. - Persons combine.

Section chief said on the radio in the car.

View of the field during harvesting (from a flying helicopter).

Women harvested grain shovels, - Women's faces.

A man on a motorcycle rides on the field.

View of the field after harvesting, hay sheaves.

Combiners are washed on the field in a portable shower after work.

The man at the combine washes hose boy.

Combine in a food processor goes, it poured water from a hose.

Sheaves of hay on the field, in the background - goes column of trucks, clouds of dust behind them.

Trucks, horse carriage ride through the village street, marching young musicians play march.

Young musicians marching down the road among fields.

The girl pours water in a bucket next to the column stands a boy.

Houses with garden plots.

A flock of geese crossing the road, going to the pond.

Inauguration ceremony of the Red Banner Brigade best mechanics in the street at the administrative building.

Posters on the street of the village "BREAD Stavropol - HOMELAND", "uber BREAD FOR 10-12 BUSINESS DAYS!".

Tractor with plow plowing the land.

General view of the village (photographed from a high point).

Key words

Rural settlements. Landscapes. Crop. State with / x enterprise. Cartage and roads. Road transport and road. Out of school education. National life. Amateur Art.