Comedy Bariyat.. (1970)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: V.Grunin

Operators: Chon Nin Gu


The film tells about the Kumyk Soviet actress, People's Artist

Reel №1

USSR leading actress Dagestan Music and Drama Theatre named kumykskogo A.P.Salavatova (y

Makhachkala) Bariyat Soltan Medzhidovna Muradova.

The first part.

Women stroking Theatres.

Grimiruyutsya artists, preparing to go on stage.

Scenes from the play involving Muradova (on kumyks.yaz.).

Actresses talk in the dressing room (sinhr.).

Young actress preparing to go on stage.

Muradova says girls as previously the actresses in the Caucasus - stoned, forbidden to go on stage (sinhr.).

Evening, the lights are burning in the windows of the theater.

Bulletin board in the theater, the announcement of a recital rehearsal Muradova.

Muradova in rehearsal.

Chief director Kumyk Music and Drama Theatre named Hamid A.P.Salavatova Rustamov smoke at the table in the auditorium, watching the scene, talking on stage with Muradova (sinhr. on kumyks.yaz.).

The second part.

Muradova in rehearsal.

Photos Muradova - scenes from performances over the years.

Makhachkala, evening, cars driving on the street.

The audience at the theater entrance.

Poster "Dagestan State Music and Drama Theatre named Kumyk A.P.Salavatova.

Recital of People's Artist of the USSR Bariyat Muradova.

Participate T.Hajiyev, N.Maksudov, A.Aygumov.

The program includes scenes from the dramatic and musical performances and Russian national classics. "

Theater actors talking in the dressing room (sinhr.).

Muradova in makeup.

Leading on stage opening night, talks about Muradova (sinhr. and over).

Actors are preparing to go on stage, sounds the bell.

Scenes from the play (on sinhr. kumyks.yaz.).

Monologue Muradova (sinhr. on kumyks.yaz.) Applause in the hall.

Actors dress in the intermission.

Muradova goes on stage in a new image.


Trucks climb uphill on a streamer.

Bus rides along the mountain road, the cabin - theater artists.

Actors grimiruyutsya, - Muradova.

The audience smiling, laughing children.

Artists sing the song in the dressing room Kumyk (sinhr.) Muradova in makeup dancing.

The film features scenes from plays, "Mrs. ministersha", "Molla Nasreddin", "He's back."

Key words

Population. Road transport and road. Theatre. National life, and entertainment.