Lines (Alphabet in Pictures).. (1994)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: R.Tezieva

Operators: M.Nemisskij

Other authors: V.Karev, V.Kachurin, O.Vdovin, F.Besaeva


The film introduces the Ossetian language as an example of life of residents Ossetian villages Lesken, founded in 1864.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Panorama of the mountains of North Ossetia, on the river, in the village Lesken.

Man looking through binoculars (close-up).

"A - Bus Stop"

Cows stand in the road, near a bus stop.

The car rides on the road.

"B - Balalaika"

A man plays the balalaika (sinhr.) - sounds Ossetian folk melody.

Panorama of the tree by which it sits.

"In - Oxen"

Man pulls a harness of 2 oxen with a cart on the street.

"D - Hollow"

Panorama of the old tree with a huge hollow.

Boy breaks into a hollow, a man stands in a hollow with an ax.

"E - Elyati tsoppat - rite in place

killed by lightning

Women in white coats do the ritual (sinhr.) dance in a circle around the place where the person was killed by lightning, prepare a memorial meal, laid out ready porridge in the plates, drink from cups, recite words of prayer (for oset.yaz.), watered milk nettles grown in place of a lightning strike, walk around this bush, dance, sing (sinhr.).

"And - Toys"

Type of products of wood and other natural materials (roots, cones), which are made in the form of human images.

"K - Raindrops"

Village street in the rain.

Wagon rides on the street, a man walks in the rain.


Goat next to a goat herd of goats.


Young woman with a baby cradle swings (VO sounds lullaby).


Mowers go on mowing sharpening scythes, mow the grass in the meadow.

"L - Cradle"

Children watch as a master carpenter tinkering cradle.

"M - Churn"

Woman churns butter in a churn: pouring milk into a container, turns the handle churn, puts churned butter in a bowl with water.


The meat is cooked in a cauldron.

"H - Bride"

Preparation of the bride in a wedding: Woman dressed up in the national dress of the bride, is removed from the home, where she met and put in the car.

Plays accordion, a car goes from the courtyard.

"Oh - Obelisk"

View obelisk with a star in the village.

The inscription on the obelisk:

"Eternal glory to the villagers who died in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Workers from the village Lesken.

Panorama of the names of the dead on a plaque installed near the obelisk.


Clouds floating in the sky.


Carved wooden ornaments Ossetian.


Street village.

The donkey carries a cart in which children sit.

Woman walks near a donkey, pulling his rope.

"P - Fields"

A man is standing at the rail.

Tractor working in the field, plowed land cultivated.

General view of cultivated fields.


General view of the pond near the village of the fishing line.

"P - River Lesken"

General view of the river fishing line.

Horses, including with riders and horse harnessed to a cart, cross the river.

"With - Sculpture and model"

A woman stands next to a sculpture of itself, made of foam and other improvised means.

"Rural gathering"

Two men sitting at the top table at a meeting of the villagers Lesken, one of them writes something in a notebook.

General view of the villagers at the meeting.

Speakers at a meeting (without sync.).

Passes by a group of children.

"Carpenter pencil"

Carpenter works on a lathe and workshop: grinds and polishes the wood element.

"T - Dance"

Woman playing the accordion (sinhr.).

Tantset man among men and women, causing a woman to dance, and they dance together.

"We - Pots"

Panorama of wooden ware, shoes, which are exposed in the cart.

Cartwheel (close-up).


Photos villagers hung on an old tree

- "Family Tree".

Wheat in the field.

"X - Chorus"

Male choir sings village Lines (sinhr.).

Panorama of river. trees.

"C - Chickens"

Hen with chickens on the lawn in the backyard.


Panorama from the face of the old woman on her hands at work.

Woman working on a special machine for the production of mats.

"Cirta - headstones"

General view of the headstones in the cemetery of the village Lesken.

In the background - the bridge over the river, the bridge passing car.

"W - Bowl"

Master works on wooden bowl: special tool grinds bottom of the bowl.

Panorama of the wooden bowl on the table by the master at work.

"W - Felt Hat"

Woman lays on a table wool, from which it will be made felt, and then - a hat.

The process of manufacturing of felt hats:

Felt worn on a pig (log), ligated rope, scissors aligned edge of felt.

Woman takes off his hat finished with blanks.


Man stringing pieces of meat on a skewer.

Preparation of kebabs on the grill.


Women carrying a tray of cake, in the center of which - a bottle of champagne.

"I - Lamb"

Lamb of the flock.

Shepherd stands at the paddock fence, smokes, and then comes to lamb, grabs him by the hind legs.

Sheep grazing in a pasture in the mountains.

Panorama of sheep to pasture in the mountains.

Key words

Landscapes. Rural settlements. Life. Livestock. The Second World War. Arts and crafts. Amateur Art. Crop.