At the turn.. (1983)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: Maklakov A.

Operators: Pritula Yu.

Other authors: zvukooperator R.Tuaev, redaktor V.Vlasenko, direktor filjma S.Gudanov


The film tells about the poet, journalist, first secretary of the Party Committee of the Nazran District Ashab Ababukaroviche Myakiev.

Reel №1

The first part.

Chechen-Ingushetia, Nazran district.

Caucasus Mountains.


The mountain river.

Flowering fruit tree.

A.A.Myakieva page with poems in the collection "Anthology of the Chechen-Ingush poetry."

A.A.Myakiev schoolboy with his son goes to work, goes into building the Nazran District Party Committee.

First Secretary of the Chechen-Ingush Province Party Committee and Alexander Vlasov A.A.Myakiev visit granary and corn field one of the farms of the Nazran district.

View of the village in Ingushetia. A.A.Myakiev in the cabinet holds meeting on the sowing of winter crops (sinhr.).

General view of


A boy on horseback rides on the street.

Residential one-and two-storey houses.

Construction of dwelling house.

Truck rides on the highway.

Cars are on the side of the highway.

Locals kicked cows.

Herd of cows on the highway.

A man rides a cart in a herd of cows.

Female leads geese to the pond.

Postman presents newspaper man around the house.

Schoolgirls are on the way to school.

A flock of geese on the field.

A.A.Myakiev rides in the car along the field.

Corn harvesters working on harvesting corn.

Sectional mechanized kukuruzovodcheskogo link farm "40 October" B.G.Kodzoev driving the combine.

Purified cobs fall into cart combine.

The crushed leaves and stems fall into the truck, which travels next to the combine. A.A.Myakiev talks with B.G.Kodzoevym (sinhr.).

Growers A.Albogachiev to oversee the work of field potato harvester.

Beet growers S.Buzurtanov examines beets.

Meeting in the office A.A.Myakieva on the construction of the dairy farm (sinnhr.).

The second part.

Chechen-Ingushetia, Nazran district.

Meeting in the office A.A.Myakieva on the construction of the dairy farm (sinhr.).

Car rides on the way to the field.

Village assembly workers farm "Ekazhevsky" dedicated to the issue of universal participation in cleaning.

Farm managers, A.A.Myakiev the podium. A.A.Myakiev, farm workers stand at the meeting (sinhr.

Ingush lang.). A.A.Myakiev talking with participants gathering after the meeting.

Kind of a cornfield in the evening.

Combines work with headlights.

Bus passing on the street at night.

In the building of the Nazran District Party Committee lights on. A.A.Myakiev edit text in the office, closes the window, out of the building.

Car rides on the highway.


Passers-by on a city street.

People are building plant "Elektoinstrument."

Monument on the square.

Newsreels 1982: presidium, 26 members of the Congress of the CPSU in the audience at the meeting; delegates applauded. A.A.Myakiev group of delegates to the Red Square (photo).

First Secretary of the Chechen-Ingush regional A.V.Vlasov talks about organizing abilities A.A.Myakieva (sinhr.).

View territory livestock complex.

Herd of cows in open paddocks.

Distribution of feed animals.

Milkmaid milking a cow in a corral.

Construction cowshed.

Milkmaid watered calf.

Farm workers watch TV, attend workshops, buy outerwear House breeders.

View medical office in the House of breeders.

A delegation from North Ossetia farm visits.

Milkmaids treat their fresh milk.

A.A.Myakiev says party work (sinhr.) presents a young woman party ticket.

Key words

Landscapes. Literature. CPSU. Cities, towns, villages. Crop. Building. Livestock. Poultry farming. Vegetable. Building. Road transport. Postal services. City transport. Labor. Employment. Consumer services.