Pyatmat.. (1991)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: M.Tezieva

Operators: A.Morgoev

Other authors: F.Albanova, R.Tuaev, V.Karev G.Hetagurova


The film tells the story of 100-year-old woman named Pyatmat (Patimat), who lives in one of the villages in the mountains of Ingushetia and engaged in quackery.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Mountain scenery Ingushetia.

Former Watchtower in


Village in the gorge.

An old woman sitting and Pyatmat something sings in his native language (sinhr. on ingushsk.yaz.) Goes

hunched over the road, looking for the path stones, knocking them.

Running water in the mountain river (close-up).

Pyatmat sitting near the fence in the yard, going to the mountains, collecting herbs, stones, breaking branches and barberry hawthorn, resting on

Meadow, taking water from the source to the canister.

View running mountainside creek.

Boy chases cows (in the background).

Pyatmat drags canister with water, sitting under the old tree, says something (sinhr. on ingushsk.yaz.).

A man riding a horse on the road in the mountains (the village at the bottom of the road).

Cow down the steep slope of the mountain to the village.

Pyatmat goes to her home, a woman with a child meets her at the gate.

Pyatmat and a woman with a child sitting at the fence in the yard.

Pyatmat treats water from a healing spring a young man who came to her for help.

Mother sheared from his son's head hair strand passes this strand Pyatmat.

Pyatmat wrap a strand of hair in the paper.

Pyatmat holding bear bone, bone that leads to a man's hand - his hand heals.

View horns round, which, according to Pyatmat helps with alcohol dependence.

Elderly man and Pyatmat sitting near the fence, Pyatmat stuffing horn tryapochkmi and papers.

View pebble with holes in his hands Pyatmat.

Pyatmat is threaded through a hole in a stone rope, tying the ends of the rope, thus obtaining, stone, suspended on a rope.

Part 2.

Mountain scenery Ingushetia.

Suspension bridge across mountain river.

Ruins of ancient watchtowers in the mountains.

Trunk of an old tree in the yard, where he lives Pyatmat.

View from the house and the area around it.

Pyatmat in the yard speaks wind

lay the land plot attributes of wind and rain.

Pyatmat broom sweeps track in the yard, parses rags, wool, puts them in a bundle, the bundle comes with a tree and puts it in the hollow, where there are some things.

Pyatmat sits in the yard


Women sit at the door of the house Pyatmat.

Pyatmat goes out to them, sits down, makes some rites, looking at the hand of one of the women says something (sinhr. on ingushsk.yaz.), Referring to women.

One of the women is holding a rope with knots and sticks, which she gave Pyatmat.

Pyatmat woman takes a mug with the ground, Whittle knife branch, cleaves it, turning into dust, it takes a woman.

Boy goes on a suspension bridge, stands at the mountain river, jump from stone to stone.

Pyatmat walking along the road, removing the stick under the feet of small stones (sings per frame.

Ingushsk.yaz on.).

Key words

Landscapes. Rural settlements. Life. Alternative treatment. Livestock.