Sura of the person.. (1988)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: Yu.Pritula

Other authors: V.Kachurin, Yu.Litvinov, G.Tebeeva

Reel №1

Part 1.

Kebedgadzhiev Hasan, whose family was persecuted in the 30s, sits with rosary, shares his memories (sinhr.).

A group of men - one of the inhabitants of the Dagestani villages sitting on the street, one of them says that now is a time when the person is able to make their own life choices.

General view of one of the villages in the mountains of Dagestan.

One of the villagers tells about how people lived in Dagestan in the old days (sinhr.) that Dagestan was divided into khanate that merit Imam Shamil - in association multinational Dagestan (sinhr.).

Rural villagers gathering.

Some of the men present express their opinions regarding changes in the life of the people of Dagestan in connection with the democratization of society and publicity, talk about Imam Shamil, as a national hero (sinhr.).

One of the men present plays agach-kumuze (sinhr.), men sit in a semicircle, listening.

Resident of the village house Mogohu A.Bakarova which collects documents related to Imam Shamil; Among the exhibits in the museum home Bakarova Present: page handwritten hand made Shamil Shamil photos, items belonging to him, Imam painted portrait on horseback.

Came into the house Bakarova men view the exhibits.

Hasan Kebedgadzhiev talks about her life, shares his memories of his father (and sinhr. per frame.).

Newsreels period of Soviet power in the North Caucasus: cavalry detachment (mahachevtsev) moves along the road, across the river; general view of the meeting in one of the villages.

Galloping cavalry.

Newsreels 30s: rally in a Dagestani villages with Red Army guards.

Performance of one of the speakers at the rally.

Portraits of Stalin, Yezhov, Lenin on the podium.

Banners with the words "Hello brave, fearless fighters border guards", "defend the country - is the sacred duty of citizens of the USSR", "workers to join the ranks of Osoaviahima."

Women are one of the villages with water jugs.

Dagestani squad pioneers on a mountaintop with a flag.

School children sitting at their desks in the open air, a teacher at the blackboard, the lesson explains.

Children perform physical exercises.

Two boys in ragged clothes sitting in a pasture in the mountains, where sheep graze, smoke.

Shepherd tending the sheep.

Photos folk hero Muhammad Ali Dakhadaeva Dagestan (Makhach) (Whites killed in 1918).

One of the photos near Dakhadaeva - G.Kebedgadzhiev, who was the right hand Makhach.

Part 2.

Newsreels 20s 30s.: View the village, two old men sitting at the door of the house next to them is a little girl.

Standing woman with children and the elderly.

Woman holding a baby in her arms, saying something.

The Bureau of one of the meetings, he was speaking, listening villagers unanimously voted, men take turns coming to the table.

Traditional Muslim ceremony: Men walk in a circle and pray.

General view of the instrument of rehabilitation G.Kebedgadzhieva of 1988.

Hasan Kebedgadzhiev engaged in farming: collects and adds dry cornstalks.

Group of girls with pitchers are at the source.

Muadzin the minaret, urges Muslims to prayer. G.Kebedgadzhiev prays (VO words of prayer arabsk.yaz.).

Recording reports sent to Makhachkala television.

Drive transmission suggests that Islam has launched deep roots in Dagestan.

Participants TV sitting at a round table to discuss pressing issues in,. related to religion and the intensification of believers in the country (and sinhr. per frame.).

One participant said telecast that must be countered by all religious rites and traditions - new, deep traditions and rituals.

A group of men in mosques stand, talk, pray in the mosque.

Another group of men praying at the cemetery in Derbent.

General view of the cemetery.

Disabled woman sitting on a bench.

Key words

Rural settlements. City. Religion. Life. TV. Socio-political movement. Border troops. Children's Organization. Livestock.