We have Karachaeevo-Cherkessia.. (1970)

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: A.Chubarov

Operators: M.Barbutli, M.Kolesnikov


The film is dedicated to the 50TH ANNIVERSARY Karachai-Cherkess Autonomous Region

Reel №1

The first part.

Conducts a tour guide for young people in one of the museums of the republic.

Girls looking at the photos of life of the peoples of Karachai-Cherkessia early twentieth century.

The interiors of the museum.

PNRM. on exhibits showing traditional life of the peoples.

Flowing mountain river, trees along the banks.

Types of Elbrus.

Melting snow in the mountains.

Flowing mountain stream.

The mountain river.

Boat floats on the Ust-Dzhugutinsky reservoir.


Starting the Great Stavropol Canal.

Hydrostation Kuban hydrocascade operate turbines.

Facilities hydro, dispatch.

Structures Urupsky copper ore processing plant.

Miners at work mining ore in the mine.

Work in the shops concentrator - the process of obtaining copper.

Party secretary of the plant, the delegate of the XXIV Congress of the CPSU A.P.Kizilov tells the story of the plant in his office (sinhr.).

Mednourupsk miners village, modern five-storey home, children playing in the yard.

Young mothers with strollers walking down the street of the village.

Circassian chemical plant work in the shops.

Containers with varnishes and paints move along the conveyor.

Tanks with lacquers, paint cans stock plant.

Circassian plant refrigeration machinery, assembly condensing unit AK-AGC-901. Factory yard, passing refrigerated, assembled at the factory.

Work in the shops Circassian plant rubber technical products.

Mark "Made in USSR" on the electrical appliances manufactured on low-voltage equipment Circassian plant.

Women work at the tables in the assembly shop.

B / W to / t: North Caucasus, early.

XXcen., Mountaineers lead by the bridle horses in the mountain;

men in the mountain village of treated wood beams, women work at the loom; 1918-1920-ies., Work on hay;

grain carts drove up to the elevator;

adults lead a group of children on the street of the village;

record inhabitants of one of the villages in the farm, awarding diplomas collective farmers;

adults sit on the benches in the garden during the lesson;

students write at their desks at school;

tractor with a red flag goes on the street of the village, meet its inhabitants;

cavalrymen red flags jump in the mountains;

brass band plays, farmers at the rally.

The second part.

Work in the shops Circassian dairy.

The process of cheese production.

Erken-Shaharsky sugar factory, manufacturing processes.

Types of Elbrus.

Flowing mountain river among glaciers.

Mountain river flows into the river Kuban.

Landscapes Circassian Sea (Great Stavropol Canal Reservoir).

Powerboat sailing on the sea Circassian at sunset.

Gateways channel water flows on the collective farm fields.

Automatic watering plants in the fields.

Work on harvesting corn in the fields.



Shepherds on horseback herding cows in the mountains.

Dautskie pastures Karachay district, milkmaids carry buckets of milk.

Polyethylene pipes of the milk, which milk nadoennoe in the mountains, flowing into the village at the foot of the mountain.

Pulls milk from the farm, rides on a mountain road.

Brigadier center fattening farm named after Red partisans added Uzdenov measures cow.

Senior shepherd farm "Holodnorodnikovsky" Magomed Circassians on a mountain pasture graze sheep - His face.

Sheep in a paddock on a high pasture Zelenchukskaya.

Shepherds weighed sheep.

Pastoralists determine the quality of wool from sheep with a new breed of high productivity of wool and meat.

Farm "Way Ilyich" poultry woman gives food to the birds in the henhouse.

Construction of new homes for farmers.

Kolkhoz chairman A.T.Argunov talks with builders on site.

Farm machine park.

Manager writes drivers traveling.

Trucks go from the base.

Administrative building of the kolkhoz.


Department, PNRM. over the counter.

Children playing in the yard of the kindergarten.

Lesson of the native language in school.

School building.

One of the new owner farmers.

A woman washes clothes in the bathroom, PNRM. on the situation in the apartment.

Family watching television.

Circassian music school students go to classes.

The building of the school.

Entrance Hall.

The third part.

Rehearsal of symphony orchestra.

Musicians perform national music (sinhr.). - Conductor.

The mountain river.

Types of Elbrus.

Hotel building "Cherkessk."

Vehicular traffic on the street Cherkessk.

Passers-by on the streets.

Multi-storey residential buildings.

City center, the children cross the street at the junction.

Lenin monument for him - a fountain.

Working out of the passing of one of the plants.

M.A.Shishkov doctor takes the patient in the study.

Honored Doctor of Russia L.H.Batgaeva operates over the operating table, - Her face.

Pupils walking on the street, a poster on the house "Lenin is always alive!".

Chemistry teacher explains the lesson E.I.Ponomareva topic at the board comes with pupils on the school yard.

Karachay-Cherkessia Pedagogical Institute, classes in the graphical department.

Graphic artist N.G.Kritsky works on the design of the book in his workshop.

I.G.Akov artist working on a painting in his studio, PNRM. in his paintings.

Book Bazaar in one of the squares Cherkessk.


Bibliophiles at tables with books.

Nogai writer F.A.Abdulzhalilov sign their books to readers.

HB writer Bairamukova signs his book "Smoke hearth."

Circassian and Nogai H.H.Gashokov writer writer S.I.Kapaev among readers on the book market.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR and participants M.A.Dzhegutanov pop band "Elbrus" perform dances of the peoples of the Caucasus in a clearing in the mountains, the audience applauded.

Snow-covered mountain peaks.

Campsite in the mountains.

Skiers go to the elevator, go up the hill.

Skiers in swimming trunks and off the mountain.

The old church in the mountains.

Observatory on Mt.

House in the mountain village.

Cars driving on a mountain road.

Key words

Landscapes. Towns, villages. Territory. Population. Energy. Engineering. Mining. Food industry. Chemical and petrochemical industry. River and lake transport and road. Road transport and road. Collective farms. Crop. Livestock. Reclamation. State trade. Consumer services. Pre-school education. Schooling. Astronomy. Fiction. Sculpture. Theater, stage, circus. Music. Painting. Vocational education. Museums. Care for the population. National life. Christianity. Tourism.