North Caucasus 1980 № 11

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: A.Chubarov

Operators: A.Attaev, H.Koroev, M.Barbutli, B.Nasimov

Reel №1

In newsreel stories included:

1st plot.

Important thing in life.

The plot tells the story of a noble horse breeders from the farm "Soviet Balkaria" A.B.Nastueve-awarded the Order of Lenin.

In the story the following filming landscapes of mountains, a general view of the village of Upper Balkaria, residents outside the village; A group of men, among whom A.B.Nastuev,  talking in the yard, the reporter interviews A.B.Nastueva, A.B.Nastuev with his grandson; meeting rural secondary school students with veterans farm "Soviet Balkaria", awarding the Order of Lenin, among veterans - and A.B.Nastuev A.Zhangurazov, M.Zhaukenov.

2nd story.

Towards Red Saturday.

The story tells about the production progress on St.

George Valve Plant.

In the story the following filming: manufacturing process in cast-iron foundry number 2, bottling iron; general form of finished products plant.

Third plot.

Family shepherds.

In the story tells about the older shepherds farm "Teberdinsk" in Karachay-Cherkessia Zukhra Bedzhievoy.

In the story the following filming: Z.Bedzhieva in burqa rides on horseback, talking with the director of the farm, visited Cochard, feeding sheep; father and mother Zuhra help her with the sheep; view of sheep in an open paddock to the pasture.

4th story.

Sobriety test.

In the story tells about the unit ICA-78, determining the concentration of alcohol in the blood of drivers, which is developed by the Chechen-Ingush University under the guidance V.Kalinina.

In the story the following filming: the movement of vehicles on the highway, a policeman stops one of the cars, takes a sample of alcohol from the driver,  using improvised means incl and glass; one of the drivers losing in a special laboratory analysis to determine the presence of alcohol in his blood; V.D.Kalinin with a group of employees in the unit ICA-78 (for measuring concentration of alcohol); Laboratory testing of the device before running it in production.

5th plot.

In the mountains of Dombey.

The theme is the ski season on Dombae.

In filming the following story: landscapes of mountains, ski enthusiasts take to the mountain by cable car, ski, sunbathing; general view of a hotel complex on Dombae (removed from the upper point).

Key words

State agricultural enterprises. Landscapes. Life. Labor. Schooling. Construction industry. Metallurgy. Livestock. Militia. Road transport. Physics. Skiing. Consumer services.