North Caucasus 1977 № 24

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: P.Finkeljberg

Operators: G.Gavrilov, A.Attaev, B.Nasimov, Chon Nin Gu, V.Guluev, V.Ljyanov

Reel №1

In newsreel stories included:

1st plot. 200th Anniversary of Stavropol.

The story tells about the anniversary of Stavropol.

In the story the following filming: views of city streets, houses, trolleybus on the streets;

interview 1st Secretary of the CPSU CC A.A.Inzhievskogo (sinhr.);

general view of the chief architect of the workshop;

group of architects at the layout of the new district of Stavropol;

general view of the monument to the heroes of the Civil War and the eternal flame at the memorial in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War;

Stavropol residents in the streets, trolley stop, an artist with a sketchbook on a city street, a general view of the building cafe "Friendship."

2nd story.

Tyrnyauz deposit of tungsten and molybdenum.

The story tells about the work of miners in Mukulanskom career - an open field of ores.

In the story the following filming: a general view of

Turnyauz in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria, a landscape of mountains, the movement of the cable cars up and down, working excavator in his career, passing trucks with rock.

Third plot.

Exhibition of technical creativity vocational school students in Grozny.

The story tells about the exhibition of creative works of young artists Chechen-Ingushetia.

In the story the following filming: a panorama of the exhibition, according to current models presented by students of vocational schools Chechen-Ingushetia.

4th story.

Flooding in Nalchik.

The story tells about the heavy rains in the North Caucasus, which caused the exit of the river banks and in consequence of this - flooding on the outskirts of Nalchik.

In the story the following filming: torrents of the river, the bridge was destroyed, flooded and destroyed homes, assisting residents of houses, stranded in a flood zone; district leaders to discuss a plan of work in the aftermath of the disaster.

5th plot.

Holiday shepherds Dagestan Kochubeevsky steppe.

Rasskazyvavet story on festive occasions.

In the story the following motion picture: a man playing the zurna, cooking kebab performance tightrope walker, dance group, a general view of the race for Kochubeevsky steppe;  distilled flocks from the steppe to alpine meadows, sheep go along the irrigation canal.

6th story.

Honoring USSR champion in weightlifting Aslanbeka Enaldieva.

The plot is devoted to honoring Aslanbeka Enaldieva at the stadium in Ordzhonikidze.

In the story the following filming: general view of the stadium during the commemoration of the famous athlete, who won the tournament for the Cup of Friendship in Vilnius; A.Enaldievu awards ceremony and flowers.

7th story.

New hotel "Vladikavkaz" Ordzhonikidze.

The story tells about a new hotel and about the living conditions there.

In filming the following story: A group of tourists on the Georgian Military Highway, see the sights, take pictures, drink water bus with tourists traveling on a mountain road;  panorama of the hotel "Vladikavkaz" view hotel rooms, restaurants, lounges.

Key words

City. Monuments. City transport. Life. Architecture. CPSU. Catering. Metallurgy. Livestock. Folk festivals. Vocational education. Weightlifting. Tourism. Municipal utilities.