North Caucasus 1979 № 31

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: A.Chubarov

Operators: B.Nasimov, G.Gavrilov, Chon-Nin-Gu, H.Koroev, M.Barbutli

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of a 5-minute stories.

1st plot.

Chechen-Ingushetia Sunzha district.

Harvesting wheat on the farm H1H Party Congress.

Combine harvesters "Niva" Mow, threshed grain and dumped in a truck.

Machine-hereditary brothers Vladimir and Alexander, Basil, Nicholas Kucherov at work.

2nd story.

Stavropol region.

Students rally before sending student teams building the Stavropol Territory in the Tula region for construction of agricultural buildings.

Participants in the rally held banners with slogans: "You Homeland shock 60 days," the 25th anniversary of Celina - shock work ", etc.

E.Balonovich student speaks at a rally (synchronously).

Students at the railway station with a guitar singing, dancing on the platform.

Landing students train.

Third plot.


Geologists in the mountains of southern Dagestan looking for copper: examine rocks discourage rock samples.

Chief Geologist Ahtinskoy party D.Kozachuk mine looks cores.

Drillers at work in the mine.

Trolley with rock moves on rails in the mine.

Drillers out of the mine.

4th story.



Apiary in a mountain valley.


Bees in a meadow near the hives.

Beekeepers farm "Adyge-Habelsky" at work in the apiary.

Honored beekeepers N.Sikachev and Brigadier Ivan Sugunyakin apiary.

Woman - beekeeper collects royal jelly.

Graduate student of the Research Institute of beekeeping F.Musaev conducts experiments on the production of bee venom with an electric current without harm to bees.

View apiary hive, where the experiment is conducted.

Electrical appliances.

Musayev collects bee venom from the glass.

5th plot.

Stavropol Territory,


Lenin monument in the town square.

Entrance to the Park of Culture and Rest named after Lenin Komsomol.

The town of fairy tales in the park.

Toy carousel.

Toy bears.

Children ride the rides.

Pavilion mechanical toys; moving mechanical dolls swan, cancer and pike - fable characters.

Mechanical doll doctor Dr.


Key words

Crop. Higher Education. Komsomol and other youth organizations. Trains. Metallurgy. Beekeeping. Agricultural sciences. City. Parks and recreation. Rest of children.