North Caucasus 1979 № 36

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: A.Chubarov

Operators: G.Gavrilov, H.Koroev, Chon-Nin-Gu, B.Nasimov, V.Guluev, M. Barbutli

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of six stories.

1st plot.

Stavropol region.

Fodder for livestock on the farm "Path to Communism."

Type field with alfalfa.

Position sprinklers work.

Tractor mowers work with hanging harvesting forage grass.

Handling of cut grass on a lorry.

Production processes feed processing plant in preparation center kolkhoz.

Feed pellets are moving on a conveyor belt.

2nd story.


Fodder for livestock on the farm "Krasnovostochny."

Mowers mow the grass.

Tractors with hanging mowers working in the field.

Farm workers gather hay in the haystack.

Handling of cut grass on trucks.

Third plot.


Union Seminar participants winegrowers visiting vineyards in the farm name Aliyev, in which viticulture using new technology shirokorjadnoj vysokoshtambovoy system.

Among the plantation winegrowers present Minister of Food Industry V.P.Lein and First Secretary of the Dagestan Regional Party Umahanov.

Tractor rides between the rows of vineyards.

4th story.



One of the best elektrosvarschits factory "Red Hammer", Lenin Komsomol Prize winner, member of the Supreme Council of the Republic in Soot Umalatova nefteappartnom factory shop at work.

S.Umalatovoy spouse meets wife about entrance to the factory. S.Umalatova with her husband and daughter for a walk.

5th plot.

North Ossetia, Moscow


Test building a residential house of expanded clay lightweight concrete Seismic with powerful vibration machine, creates the effect of an earthquake of 9 points.

Mechanisms of the vibration machine at work.

Members of the commission monitoring the progress of the experiment.

View of the building after the test.

6th story.

Stavropol region.

People on the streets of


Vacationers, the

Zheleznovodska the bus ride to the next medical procedure.

Holidaymakers on the riding lesson.

Key words

Livestock. Viticulture. Engineering. Building. Technical Physics and Applied Mechanics. City. Outpatient care. Equestrian. City transport.