North Caucasus 1981 № 37

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: G.Gudiev

Operators: G.Gavrilov, Chon Nin Gu, Yu.Pritula, V.Guluev

Reel №1

In five newsreel scenes.

1st plot.

Stavropol Territory,




School building.

Tall houses.

Construction site of thermal power complex.

Builders integrated team SMU-10 and their foreman, holder of the Red Banner, Hero of Socialist Labor A.I.Shepetko at work on a building site.

Crane, excavators, car loaded with bulky panels on site.

Welders at work.

Unloading with concrete.

2nd story.

North Ossetia, Ardon area.

Corn harvesters working on harvesting corn on the farm named after Lenin.

Lenin collective farm chairman and chief agronomist S.A.Baskaev V.M.Dzhevello are on the field.

Preparing the ground for planting corn ridge way; operate tractors.

Workers prepare the solution for herbicide into the soil.

Position sprinklers work.

Third plot.


View breeding farm Dagestan Agricultural Institute.

Insect cow named, gave birth to 3 bulls in the pen.

A veterinarian inspects calves.

Farm worker feeding calves milk.

4th story.

Dagestan, pos.


Director and teacher Mamedkolskoy V.A.Kutsev art school with students in the classroom.

Guys paint, mold in the classroom.

A group of students on the river for their easels.

5th plot.

North Ossetia.

Snow covered slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.

Group of climbers - teachers Gorsky Agricultural Institute of

Ordzhonikidze uphill.

Climbers - Senior Lecturer Ts.

Gioev which makes climbing on a motorcycle.

Climbers on Mount Kazbek small.

Key words

Cities, towns, villages. Building. Schooling. Road transport. Crop. Livestock. Higher vocational education. Mountaineering.