North Caucasus 1981 № 8

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: A.Chubarov

Operators: B.Nasimov, A.Attaev

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

1st plot. "Stentor" as a gift.

In the story told about the new sound reinforcement station on Grozny Radio Engineering Plant.

In filming the following story:

general view of the building of the plant and station loudspeaker "Stentor" created by a group of designers plant under the leadership of Yu.P.Zaharova; designers at the control station, listen to the recording.

2nd story.

Good luck, trolleybus.

In the story tells of the first bus, which was started in Nalchik.

In filming the following story:

rally outside Nalchik in honor of the launch of the first trolley bus: people stand on ulie under umbrellas, city leaders on the podium; first trolley passing on the street, the passengers in the bus.

Third plot.

The success of designers.

The story tells about a new winding machine, made by designers Prokhladnensky plant "Kavkazkabel."

In filming the following story:

general view of the winding shop at, manufacturing processes on the shop floor, the members of the design team at the new winding machine.

4th story.

Exhibits tell.

The theme is the history museum and labor glory Tyrnyauzsky plant.

In the story the following filming: general view Tyrnyauzsky Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the funicular cable car up the hill; general view Hall of Fame at the mill; general view of the exhibits in the museum; Visitors view the exhibits of the museum, including and associated with the Great Patriotic War - the liner from the shells, cartridge, a soldier's helmet, etc.

5th plot.

USSR-USA match.

The plot tells of the meeting of the International Wrestling between the USSR and the USA. In filming the following story:

spectators in the stadium watching the wrestlers; Match wrestlers rewarding Soviet fighters, winners meeting.

Key words

Radio engineering industry. City. City transport. Ingenuity. Museums. Metallurgy. Wrestling.