North Caucasus 1985 № 45

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: P.Finkeljberg

Operators: V.Guluev, A.Attaev, B.Nasimov, Chon Nin Gu, G.Gavrilov, V.Bondarj

Reel №1

Special Issue newsreel devoted to the celebration of the 7th of November in the cities of the North Caucasus.

1st plot.

North Ossetia, Moscow


Festive demonstration city workers.

Column students among the protesters.

WWII veteran, honored builder of the North Ossetian ASSR A.M.Minosyan passes to the demonstrators.

Photos A.M.Minosyana in wartime.

On one of the photos the inscription: "Greetings from Berlin."

A.M.Minosyana Awards: Order of the October Revolution, the medal "For Military Merit", "For the Capture of Berlin", etc.

The demonstrators are carrying portraits of the members of the Politburo.

2nd story.



Production meeting in the office of the plant.

Hajiyev, Chevalier of the Order of the October Revolution A.T.Adzhieva.

Director A.T.Adzhiev with workers in the shop.

Operate automatic machines.

Column workers of the plant. M.Gadzhieva demonstrations.

Factory worker, Commander of the Order of the October Revolution K.K.Saidov held in the column of demonstrators. K.K.Saidov in the shop for work.

Girls dancing in the column of demonstrators.

The columns of demonstrators.

Third plot.



Oil rigs.

Mining Engineer, Commander of the Order of the October Revolution A.M.Bazilevsky driving.

Newspaper headline: "Shire implement best A.M.Bazilevskogo engineer." A.M.Bazilsky talks with the oil in the oil industry, visits the control room.

Demonstration of working people of the city.

In the column of oil company "Starogrozneft" A.M.Bazilevsky passes with his grandson.

Demonstrators carry a banner with the words: "Our gift to October - 40,800 tons over the plan!".

Men are waltzing in the column of demonstrators.

4th story.

Stavropol Territory,


Stavropol Medical Institute Professor L.G.Karpova with students walking along the corridor of the institute. L.G.Karpova operates the patient in the operating room of a military hospital. L.G.Karpova at home.

A.G.Karpovoy Awards: medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol" and "For the defense of the Caucasus", the Order of the October Revolution.

Columns of demonstrators are on the streets of the city.

5. Kabardino-Balkaria, the


Demonstration of working people of the city.

History teacher one of the secondary schools in

Nalchik K.D.Anfilov with her granddaughter in the column of demonstrators. K.D.Anfilov in the class is a lesson devoted to the October Revolution of 1917.

Students listen to the teacher in the classroom.

In newsreel includes fragments from the film "October" (directed by Sergei Eisenstein, Grigory Alexandrov, gl.oper. E.Tisse, about of "Sovkino", 1927).

Key words

Holiday parades and demonstrations. City. Engineering. Oil industry. Higher Education. Schooling. Care for the population. Awards and medals. Cinema.