North Caucasus 1989 № 21

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: V.Akoev

Operators: B.Nasimov, Yu.Pritula, G.Gavrilov

Other authors: I.Cherdzhieva, R.Tuaev, V.Kachurin, R.Kadzova

Reel №1

Special Issue newsreel about the events that took place on 1-2 December 1988 in

Ordzhonikidze, when students grade 4 42th high school had been taken hostage by armed bandits.

In the story the following filming:

Student Grade 4 42th high school says (sinhr.) 1 events of December, when after visiting Publishing, students were tricked with the teacher taken hostage and planted on the bus.

Travel around the city to the regional committee of the CPSU Ordzhonikidze.

December 2.

A police captain at school number 42, which was host to the headquarters, which receives all information about the hostages.

General view of parents of schoolchildren taken hostage.

Airport lobby, where parents gathered in anticipation of their children.

The headmaster says (sinhr. and frame.) That after the first was released hostage girl, everyone knew that the class teacher 4th grade Natalia Efimova calms children gives them discouraged, tells them stories.

Meeting of parents with children, liberated as a result of a successful operation.

Natalia Efimova answers reporters' questions in monosyllables, citing fatigue (sinhr. and frame.).

Children with parents in the bus.

Bus rides to school.

A crowd of people at the school.

December 5.

Students in the class.

Behind the scenes heard talk, discussion of past events.

December 17.

Solemn meeting in the school participating in the operation to liberate the children; among them Sheremet'ev, Batagov etc.

Children welcome their liberators, handed them flowers, parents presented with bread and salt, treat cakes.

Speech school musical ensemble.

January 1989.

Students traveled to Moscow visit Children's Fund, a meeting with the chairman of the fund A.Lihanovym writer; child eating ice cream, watching performance Vinogradova actress with doll Kirill (sinhr. and frame.)  visit Red Square, Mausoleum, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall; bus travel with children in Moscow.

Christmas ball at tree.

Homeroom teacher 4th grade 42th N.V.Efimova schools in the courtroom, where the judge bandits seized the children hostage.

Panorama of the bandits in the dock.

Key words

Court. Terrorism. Militia. Schooling. Air transport. The situation of children. Public holidays. City. Charity.