North Caucasus 1987 № 27

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: G.Gavrilov, Chon Nin Gu, A.Attaev

Reel №1

In newsreel stories included:

1st plot.

Robots in the shop.

The plot tells the introduction of machines in the numerical control in the Stavropol association "Red metalworker."

In the story the following filming: the production processes in mass production shop where used machines with numerical control, adjusters at one of the machines, the foreman tells A.P.Selemenev (sinhr. and frame.) on the new organization of work in connection with the use of these machines in the shop, a general view of the control panel, where the operator controls the 3-4-machines in the shop.

2nd story.

As native hearth.

The story tells about the family contract sisters Magomedovs Untsukul from the village in the dining room "Koisu" on Irganaiskaya HPP. In the story the following filming: panorama of the village hydrobuilders general view of canteen building "Koisu" view dining room, kitchen, cooking in the kitchen, dining layout for cruets;  general view of the construction site, climbers and machine operators take cruets with lunches, view dragline drivers climb into the cockpit.

Third plot. "Don" on the hitching post.

The plot tells of harvesters "Don-1500", received on Svetlogradskie repair and technical basis of "Rosselmash" and are not willing to work in farms Stavropol Territory due to backorder them headers, tilt cameras and lack of boxes with batteries.

In the story the following filming: general view combines "Don-1500" in the yard Svetlogradskie repair and technical base; Director M.I.Grebenyuk base, farm mechanic "Kolos" I.I.Lidovsky and others to talk about it (and sinhr. per frame.).

4th story.


The plot tells the story of Chief Veterinary Officer Khasavyurt district of Dagestan, honored veterinary L.M.Omarove Russian Federation.

In the story the following filming: L.M.Omarov zootechnician with one of the farm area is carried out a routine inspection of cattle, a blood test in cows; cows on pasture, feeding calves, shepherds a flock of sheep being driven to pasture.

5th plot.

Hotel "Intourist".

The story tells about a new hotel "Intourist" in Pyatigorsk.

In the story the following filming: general view of Pyatigorsk (removed from the upper point), the view of the hotel "Intourist", buses are on the site the building, sale of souvenirs in the hotel lobby, interior view of one of the hotel rooms, interview with the Chairman of the Pyatigorsk City Council V.V.Parshina (sinhr.).

Key words

Engineering. Labor. Catering. Settlements. City. Energy. Agricultural engineering. Livestock. Veterinary Medicine. Consumer services. Trade.