North Caucasus 1982 № 40

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: A.Bzarov, B.Nasimov, A.Kalashnikov

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of 4 plots.

The first story.

Grown - save.

The plot of the Lower Volga studio newsreel recounting how preserve harvest in the Saratov region.

Wheat field.

The farmers in the field.

Harvesters are on the field.

Picking apples in the garden of the farm "Engels."

Collect cucumbers, and sorting and loading boxes in a plantation farm.

Cannery farm, automatic stacking cucumbers in jars.

Saratov bush computer center manager accepts applications on the phone, the operator at the computer center.

The central courtyard of the farm machine "Bezymyanskaya" harvesters leave the yard.

The second story.

Caring for people.

The story tells about the local hospital the village of Novo-Cherkio Kizilyurtovsky district of Dagestan ASSR - best among rural hospitals of the country.

Building hospitals, patients sit on benches at the entrance, the car "Ambulance".

Doctors at the operating table during surgery.

A man walks in a survey of X-ray.

Patients are watching TV in the lounge.

Hall of Fame in the hospital yard.

The third story. "Orbit" - is the quality and warranty.

The story tells about a new company store "Orbit" in

Grozny, the Chechen-Ingush ASSR.

Traffic on a street in

Grozny, the banner on the street "WE FRIENDSHIP Leninsky STRONG!".

New homes in one of the districts, are pedestrians.

Trading room of the shop of the Ministry of Communications Industry "Orbit", buyers consider televisions, receivers, transistors.

L.M.Nalaev store manager talks about new forms of work with customers (sinhr.).

Tape "Sonata" stands on display.

Seller puts a record on the turntable.

Stand information.

Postage explanation.

Seller adjusts equipment.

Store building.

Lights signage shops on the streets of the night city.

The fourth plot. 60th anniversary of the USSR devoted.

The story tells of how 187 climbers sports camp "Torpedo" (Dariali Gorge) ascended to Kazbek in honor of the 60th anniversary of the USSR.

View on Mount Kazbek.

Snowy slopes.

Hikers in a clearing in the mountains.

The building of the monastery in the mountains in the foreground - the climbers ascend the hill.

Hikers eat at a halt.

Climbers with a banner go to the top.

Commemorative plaques and busts of Lenin on top of the mountain.

Ordzhonikidze (now

Vladikavkaz), North Ossetian ASSR, climbers stepping on the square in front of the Eternal Flame.

Rally at the Eternal Flame, a moment of silence - a tribute to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War defenders of the Caucasus.

Key words

National policy. Territory. Population. The Second World War. Rallies. Political propaganda campaign. Landscapes. Road transport and road. State farms. Crop. Cities, towns. Improving human settlements. Food industry. State trade. Care for the population. Mountaineering. Christianity. Public holidays.