North Caucasus 1984 № 5

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: L.Magkeeva

Operators: G.Gavrilov, A.Attaev, B.Nasimov

Reel №1

Newsreel tells about delegates, party conferences of the North Caucasus.

1 plot.

Matter whom you serve.

The plot tells of the Hero of Socialist Labor, deserved zootechnics Russian Federation headed zootechnical with farm-breeding farm named after Lenin, Stavropol Territory, regional party conference delegate V.A.Moroze.

V.A.Moroz in the office at his home working at his desk.

Articles, pamphlets written V.A.Morozom, put on the table.

Car "GAZ-69" goes on the road, puddles. V.A.Moroz on the farm of sheep, rams.

Sheep in a pen on the farm.

Structures kolkhoz farm.

Sheepfold. V.A.Moroz talks with farmers on the farm.

Farmers meeting in the office, acts V.A.Moroz portrait of Vladimir Lenin on the wall.

Rural school V.A.Moroz talking in class with the pioneers.

School corridors.

Students in the class are sitting at their desks.

2 plot.

Today, tomorrow, always.

The story tells about a delegate regional party conference telephonist Nalchik L.A.Antsiferovoy international telephone exchange.

L.A.Antsiferova workplace at the station.

Telephone operator at work.

A sign with the rules of telephone operators.

General view of the hall telephone station in the foreground, a Christmas tree.

The lobby of the station wall hanging pennants "communist labor collective", "winner of the All-Union socialist competition in 1980." L.A.Antsiferova of regional party conference delegates.

The floor of the one of the conference delegates in the hall stood applauding.

3 plot.

Malkon road.

The plot tells of farm tractor driver "Progress" village Hattuni (Vvedenskii rn) the Supreme Soviet of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Knights of the Order "Badge of Honor" Malkon Muskhadzhaevoy.

Night, a tractor in a field in the background - mountains. M.Muskhadzhaeva washes tractor.

Haying tractor with hay in the trailer going down the street of the village.

Face of an elderly man cleaning the hay in the field.

Workers raked hay forks of the truck tractor. M.Muskhadzhaeva rides on the tractor in the field.

Workers whitewashed trees at a young garden.

Type of rural street from the car window.

Brick house, chasing the gate.

House parents M.Muskhadzhaevoy mother kindles in the oven.

One of the sisters Malkon preparing food, feeding other cows in the yard.

Malkon with rocker walking down the street of the village, talking to the villagers, is the bridge across the river, going on the road driving a car "Lada".

Key words

Local public authorities. CPSU. Landscapes. Telephone. Road transport and road. Livestock. Crop. State farms. Cities, towns, villages. Schooling. Logistics, life and workpiece. Family. Standard of living. National life. Position of the various groups. Territory. Population. Collective farms.