North Caucasus 1984 № 6

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Producer North-Caucasian newsreel studio

Director: V.Grunin

Operators: A.Attaev, G.Gavrilov, Chon Nin Gu

Reel №1

Newsreel consists of five stories.

1 plot.

Towards elections.

The story tells about the candidates for deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR MEKHANIZATOR Sultan Zhankazieve (Communist constituency, Kabardino-Balkaria ASSR) and TOOLPUSHER G.Dobrynine (Budenovsky congressional district, Stavropol Territory).

Tractor-trailer goes on the field, scatter fertilizer.

Tractor S.Zhankaziev the tractor in the field.

Mechanized tractor unit, which is headed S.Zhankaziev, standing at the station refurbished tractors, PNRM. their faces.

Bags of fertilizer on the field. S.Zhankaziev checks fertilizer tractor trailer.

Drillers are going to watch on the bus, PNRM. their faces. - The driver behind the wheel.

Driller G.Dobrynin in his apartment with his wife and children.

Derrick, pipe lying on the ground, working excavator.

Drilling operations. G.Dobrynin manages the drilling machine.

2 plot.

Depot for harvesters.

The plot tells of Buinaksk production association "Agriculture."

Repair shop association, repair combine "Niva".

Combine Shamhal Adilkhanov, enrolled as a mechanic in the union at the time of repair work at the combine.

Motor repair shop in the combine, the master at work.

Renovated harvester "Niva" leaves the shop yard.

3 plot.

Waste production.

The story about the results of the implementation of the new process plant at Nalchik artificial leather (Iskozh).

Structures Combine yard littered with waste.

Shop for complete waste, laying waste to the working machine, the machine recycles waste.

Waste transporter.

Production of waste material.

Winding material (artificial leather) on the bobbin.

Machine for the manufacture of the material.

Laying rolls in the shop.

Bales of waste paper produced.

Fabrication of packaging film waste.

4 plot.

Twenty and one.

The plot tells of the highest qualification Nalchik grinder plant N.E.Mataevoy semiconductor devices.

Workers play dominoes in one of the shops of the plant, among them - Nura Mataeva.

Nura Mataeva talking to workers at the bench in the tool shop at work.

Manufacturing process in the tool shop.

Along with the personal stamp N.E.Mataevoy.

N.E.Mataevoy ratification.

Grinding process.

5 plot.

Familiar trolley.

The story tells about the driver trolleybus number 7 the Supreme Soviet of the Dagestan ASSR Patimat Magomadova.

Makhachkala, the driver in the cabin trolley P.Magomadova tells children traffic rules. - The faces of children.

Trolleybus number 7 "Agitation" rides through the streets of one of the new neighborhoods of Makhachkala P.Magomadova driving.

Cars driving on the street of the new district.

New high-rise buildings.

Wash trolley in the park.

Citizens on trolley stop.

Key words

Population. Central gosud.organy. Tractor and agricultural machinery. Energy. Electronic industry. Chemical and petrochemical industry. Road transport and road. City transport. Specialized machine station. Crop. Cities, towns. Lumen. Among the population. Family. Standard of living. National life. Ingenuity, rationalization.