. . . And copper pipes (several interviews with undeclared war fronts).. (1990)

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Producer Rostov-on-Don newsreel studio

Director: R. Rozenblat

Operators: V. Ukolov


A film about the crisis ecological situation on the river Don. The film features fragments of documentaries and magazines from different years of production Rostov newsreel studio.

Reel №1


Urban transport, pedestrians.

Administrative building.

Vessels on the river.

Industrial enterprises.

Polluted river.

Polluted water.

Protest rally against the construction of a nuclear power plant.

Fishermen on the waterfront.

People in the store.

Plaque on one of the shelves "sale of sugar produced by coupon-orders this year."

Creek in the woods with a sign "Istok Don."

Source Don (PNRM.).

Clogged river.

Dirty water.

Dead fish on the river bank.

Broken fountain.

Ships, ship and other vessels on the river (day and night scene).


Child baptized in the church.

Chronicle: steppe, steppe land surveyor, construction Tsimlyansk Reservoir, Volga-Don Canal, irrigating farm fields and gardens, sprinklers, flooded village flooded airfield fishermen pulling out network sturgeon, a dead fish on the sand.

Activists socio-political association for the environment are interviewed (synchronously and over).

Key words

River transport. Water management. City. Socio-political movement. Environmental disasters. Trade. The Orthodox Church. Rites.