A Voluntary Cross For the Few. (1989)

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: Barkhotova S.

Operators: Lapin V., Dolgih A.

Reel №1

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences M.S.Zolotarev (Officer Western - Siberian Branch of the USSR) talks about the fate of the scientist in an era of change in Russia.

The first part.

Autumn park with yellow leaves of birch, footpath. M.S.Zolotarev sitting behind a desk in the office. - Items on the table, a microscope.

Work in the editing studio.

Employees [Institute of Nuclear Physics] at their workplace drinking tea and talking. M.S.Zolotarev talks about his future funeral, answers questions (behind the scenes).

PNRM. Clay figurines.

A man rides a bicycle on a footpath in the park.

People walk along a path in a park, in the background - high-rise residential buildings.

PNRM. a birch grove.

Clowns perform on the stage in the park.

Fragments of competition ballroom dancing.

In the printing machine prints folders "Case № ...».

View of the city of nuclear physicists from a high point.

Physics laboratory talk, among them - M.S.Zolotarev.

Welding work on the construction site.

Construction work on the streets, pipe-laying crane moves on rails.

Drying laundry on a rope in the yard - well.

Boys throw stones in a pit at a construction site, PNRM. for multi-storey buildings.

Elderly man truck collects grass in a cart - Horse and cart loaded with hay in the background - cars traveling on the road, a stele with the NDP "Glory to our free Fatherland!".

Man photographed with a donkey in the park.

The second part.

M.S.Zolotarev works at his desk in the office, the Master, says the lack of interest in work and faith in the end result of their work, the lack of prospects (sinhr.). - M.S.Zolotareva face.

Drying laundry on a rope between the wooden houses.

Rusted boat stands on the sand by the river, the water rolls ashore.

Girl swinging on a swing hanging from a tree, in the background - an old wooden house, rickety fence.

Car with the word "Delivery" is at the wooden house.

Men mounted cabinets banner.

Woman at home puts a girl in bed, on the couch sits a boy.

Locomotive rides on railroad tracks.

Painting on a concrete pedestal depicting a builder on a background of red star.

The inscription at the entrance to the premises "test.


Banner on the roadside "PRINCIPLES OF RESTRUCTURING - revolutionary thinking and action", go trucks.

Banner "more democracy!" Between five-story buildings.

PNRM. the new five-story house in the foreground - stacked logs.

Installation of piles for the foundation of the house.

Fence behind him polurazobrannom wooden house, in the background - a new nine-story apartment building.

Key words

Landscapes. Building. Road transport and road. Improving human settlements. Physics. Arts and crafts. National life. Position of the various groups. Cartage. Amateur Art.