By Don and Kuban № 33 (1964)

Newsreel №43924, 1 part
Production: Rostov-on-Don newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:F. Minuhina
Camera operators:K. Kubub-Zade, B. Manevich, Z. Babasjev, A. Smolka, V. Kutimov, G. Hachaturyan, N. Tereschenko

Reel №1

The theme is the launch into space bench "Voskhod".

Rocket in the air.

Major PG Bondarev told cadets Yeisky Aviation School of commander, pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov.


Meeting at the airport of participants of the World Forum of solidarity of youth and students.

Guests are welcomed leaders of the city and region.

Krasnodar region.

Meeting devoted to the 100th anniversary of the first oil well and creating oil and gas industry in Russia; view of an oil derrick "grandmother", obelisk, a memorial plaque.

Speakers regional party committee leaders and the oil industry.

Rostov region.

Coal mining in the mine "Sholokhov East" № 1-2.

Harvesting rice, vegetables and fruits at the farm "Don" in Vislovskom vinsovhoze and other farms of Rostov region.

Kuban breeder VY Pervitsky corn plantation on the Kuban experimental farm.

Krasnodar region.

Herd of horses stud farm "Sunrise".

Jockeys during training.

Competitions on RSFSR championship sailing in the Taganrog Bay.

Key words

Vocational education.
International youth movement.
Fuel industry.
Agricultural sciences.
Water Sports.

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