Springboard. (1986)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Degaljcev G.

Script writers: Avdyukov Yu.

Operators: Zajceva I., Romanenko V., Smirnov E., Chaplinskij S.


In March 1986, was held in Krasnoyarsk the Sixth winter Spartakiad peoples of the USSR. These competitions - the most massive in the country.

Sport | Sporting events

Reel №1

The movement of vehicles, a view of the hotel "Krasnoyarsk".

Road junction.

Toboggan run.

Evening illumination Palace of Sports.

Sport capital of Siberia.

Inauguration of the VI Winter Games.

At the microphone 1st Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional committee of the CPSU P.S.Fedirko.

Lights Torch.

Children give flowers to athletes.

Russian troika.

View on the Yenisei.

Skiers in the mountains.

People climb the rock.

Adults and children sledding.

Sledding "Quilted".

Adults with children skiing.

The game of hockey.

Start biathletes.

A skater on the track.


Luge on the track.


Ski Jumping.

Rhythms of the Games.

Alternation: Face fans biathlon competitions.

Skating Competitions.

Athletes rise to the springboard.

Alternation: training to start, fans face.

The go-ahead.

Officials cabin.

The jump from a springboard.

Children watching the jumps.

The spectators at the finish.

Landing athlete.

A child with a camera.

Ski race.

Athletes and the operator by the side of the rink.

Athletes with the coach in the locker room.

figure skating competitions.

Rewarding skiers.

Photographs of the winners in ski jumping.

Evening illumination at the stadium.

Rewarding A.G.Ordinoy.

View of the stadium from the river.

Holiday at the stadium.

On the bridge the tram rides.


Key words

Winter sports.


Popov AV - Belarusian biathlete, Honored Master of Sports, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus, Honored coach of the Republic of Belarus. Zhelezovsky IN - Belarusian skater, Honored Master of Sports, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Belarus, President of the Belarusian Union of skaters. Ordin AG - Soviet and Swedish skier, Honored Master of Sports.


Krasnoyarsk [923]


Spring [825]

Reel №2

Joy Koba Tsakadze.

Ski competition.

Athletes ready to start. K.V.Tsakadze.

The jump from a springboard.

A fall. K.V.Tsakadze talking with a student.

Athletes warming up.

The jump from a springboard. K.V.Tsakadze.

Flags of the Union Republics.

Belarusian mystery.

The game of hockey.

Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) team "Torpedo".

Belarusian winning team.

The final match of the teams of Belarus and Bashkortostan.

Athletes congratulate each other.

Rewarding team.

Athletes with children near the Palace of Sports.

Children playing in the yard.

The fineness of the trails.

Skiers at the start.

Athletes on the track.

A.G.Ordina finish.

Alternation: interview with A.G.Ordinoy observers fill protocols.

Who controls the speed.

Toboggan run.

Luger preparing for a competition.

Bad start.

He tells sanochnitsa A.Smirnov.

Athletes rise to the start.

Bad start.


Mom with a child on the track.

Students run around the Palace of Sports.

Sport Figure Skating.

Lagging runner.

The game of hockey.

The attendance spectators.

Winner's reward ceremony.

Striping: The boy dresses up and answers the questions the children in the pool.

Children playing on the podium.

Salto skiing.

Ski Jumping.

Evening illumination.

Key words

Winter sports.


Tsakadze KV - Soviet skier, Honored Master of Sports in ski jumping. Ordin AG


Krasnoyarsk [923]


Spring [825]