For the Indissoluble Friendship. (1954)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Karavkin U.


About a month of the Soviet and German friendship.

Reel №1

LS. view of Berlin - LS., filmed with a / t

Flags on the streets of Berlin.

Opening month of friendship German and Soviet peoples big meeting in the hall "Fridrihshtadtpalas."

In the bed of the Presidium are Academician Bardin, Prime Minister Otto Grotewohl, Soviet Ambassador to the German Democratic Republic Semenov and others.

The audience applauded.

Speakers at the rally: the chairman of the People's Chamber of the GDR Johannes Dieckmann, chairman of the German-Soviet Friendship Lord Mayor of Greater Berlin Edert Friedrich, vice president of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR IP Bardin.

The audience applauded.

The train comes to a border station Brest.

German delegates arriving in the Soviet Union, greet residents of Brest.

On the platform of Minsk station delegates presented with flowers.

The platform of the Belarusian railway station in Moscow suitable train.

Delegates from the car out of the GDR.

The President welcomes guests All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries professor Denisov.

On behalf of the Head of delegation guests Adolph Ferber (synchronously).

Delegation met engineering enterprises of the GDR and the United Free German Trade Union delegation at the Moscow airport.

November 7 demonstration on Red Square.

On the podium of the party and government of the Soviet Union.

Among the guests present at the stands - German delegates.

German delegates welcomed the demonstrators.

Moscow - LS., Filmed with a / t

Gorky Street, the hotel "Moscow".

German delegation inspects new metro station "Arbat", "Komsomolskaya".

Construction of a hotel on Dorogomilovskaya waterfront.

Delegates to the building, talking to engineers, construction workers, inspect the construction site.

LS. kind of Stalingrad with a / t

The construction of the planetarium in the street of the World.

Delegates to the construction engineer talking to Rogozhin.

PNRM. - Observatory.

Delegates visiting the optical instruments in the observatory.

Delegates to the construction of the settlement of metallurgical factory "Red October".

German bricklayer Herbert Keyser talks with builders, then he lays bricks.

German delegates at a party at the carpenter Teslenko.

Head of the delegation, Werner Herter wrote his address family Teslenko.

General view of Yerevan.

German delegates visiting the city.

The theater building.

The audience and the German delegation in the auditorium of the theater.

People's Artist of Armenia Sazandaryan sings composer Melikian "Wild Rose" in the words of Goethe (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

Reel №2

The national dance performed by an ensemble of Armenia (synchronous)

German delegation visiting farmers winegrowers village "Dvin".

Guests sit at the table.

A toast to the friendship of the people says farm chairman Suren Danilyan.

Delegates dance with farmers.

General view of Leningrad.

The German delegation visiting Leningrad.

Nevsky Prospekt.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Winter Palace.

Neva embankment.

Visiting German delegates Cruiser "Aurora".

Komsomol members of the county presented flowers and German youth delegation head vase.

German delegates give Leningrad youth bust of Karl Marx.

Skin and metallurgical plant.


Turbine shop.

Turning parts dl hydroelectric turbines.

German delegates in the turbine shop talking with workers, visiting the turbine components.

Guests pass Leningrad Turbostroitel address from working German companies, the banner of the workers of Berlin plant electrical equipment and commemorative badges of friendship.

Appearance of the plant "Zaporizhstal".

PNRM. - Section listoprokata.

Free German Trade Unions delegation held in the courtyard of the plant, familiar with the work of blast-furnace operators.

General view of Kharkov.

Delegates at the Kharkov tractor plant, watching the assembly of tractors.

Delegates visiting the Moscow bakery them.


Chief engineer of MM Shmay told delegates about automating baking.

Delegates inspect equipment shop.

Delegates at the workshop finished baking, try the baked bread.

The delegation of German Engineering in the shop of the Moscow strankostroitelnogo Plant.


Delegates to observe the work-turner skorostnika Ivan Palacheva.

Works I. executioner.

One delegate, a National Award turner Carl Appel for the machine.

Delegates to fit Chikirev Nicholas Turner, winner of the Stalin Prize, recently traveled to German enterprises and met there with a lathe Transformer Plant.

Karl Liebknecht - Klempert.

And Henry N. Chikirev Klempert - MS.

G. Klempert at the bench.

Soviet workers and German delegates exchanged badges.

The appearance of a steel plant in Heyngsdorfe (GDR).

Chelyabinsk turner MA Shafenkov the plant, share their experiences with the German workers (who have the machine running).

The host machine turner Herbert Lifert tries new "shafenkovsky" mode.

German workers observe the work Liferta, consider machined parts.

MA Shafenkov goodbye Lifertom.

Skin and steel plant in Brandenburg.

At the invitation of the German steel makers and distributors, vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Bardin read a report on the current problems the steel industry.

Listen to the factory workers.

In the city

Halle in the conference room of an art gallery before artists playing Soviet sculptor, People's Artist of the Republic of NV Tomsk.

German artists presented with flowers Efanov painter and sculptor Tomsk opened and searched in this gallery exhibition of Russian and Soviet art.

Different picture.

Artist Efanov talks with German artists.

General view of Berlin.

Exhibition of books by Russian writers published in German.

Soviet poet Sergei Mikhalkov among German readers at the show.


Kuznetsk bridge.

Bookstore of Foreign Literature.

Buyers in the department of German literature.

Reading room at the club to them.


German writers of the book, translated into Russian.

Sit readers.

On the facade of the cinema "Drummer" advertisement German films.

The building is a small theater.

Poster of the new production of "Emilia Galotti".

Bolshoi Theatre.

Museum of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Portraits of Soviet artists who participated in the productions of German classics (PNRM.).

Visitors to the museum.

Bust of Wagner.

Portrait of artist A. Nezhdanova and LV Sobinov and create memorable images in "Lohengrin."

Sitting at a table theater employees, review and discuss the costumes for a new production - Beethoven's opera "Fidelio."

Of sitting: BA chief director Pokrovsky, chief conductor of the AS Melik-Pashayev, People's Artist of the USSR, NS Khanaev, chief designer VF Ryndin.

Reel №3

Appearance of the Moscow State Conservatory.

Students and students of music school at the Conservatory held a corridor to the stairs Conservatory.

Class teacher Sumbatyan.

Girl performs "Little Preludes" by Bach (synchronously).

With Professor Gilels.

Gilels and his student performs works by Beethoven (synchronously).

With Professor Mostras.

The violinist performs works by Brahms (synchronously).

With Professor Platonov.

Flutist performs works by Wagner (synchronously).

Dulova class lecturer.

Girl playing a harp (Handel) (synchronously).

Reel №4

Hall of Tchaikovsky.

The soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Lydia Revyakina performs "Ave Maria" Bach-Gounod (synchronously).

Professor Braude performs Bach's Toccata (on organ) (synchronously).

USSR State Symphony Orchestra performs the fourth symphony of Tchaikovsky.

Guest Conductor of the Soviet country, winner of the National Prize of the GDR, Professor Franz Konwitschny.

The auditorium of the Bolshoi Theatre.

German artists in the lodge.

A scene from the opera "Decembrists" Shaporin.

The author of the opera - Shaporin composer and producer-director Okhlopkov in bed.

Director of the Dresden Academy of Music Charles Laux talks with professors of the Moscow Conservatory.

Sit composers YA Shaporin, AB Goldenweiser, GA Orvid.

YA Shaporin gives piano opera "Decembrists" Charles Laux.

Hall of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR.

A member of the German delegation architect Kurt Yunghans talks to academic secretary NP Bylinkin with leading Soviet architects (synchronously).

Sculptor Johannes Rogge in the studio of People's Artist of the Republic of MG Manizer.

I. Horn examines sculpture Manizer shows sketches of his sculptures.

Tuberculosis Laboratory Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

A team of German doctors in the lab, talking to Professor VI Puzik.

Delegates at the laboratory of the pathophysiology, observe the work of isolated frog heart.

German delegates present at the operation, which carries Professor LK Bogush.

In the laboratory of clinical physiology professor Kharkov shows device allows you to monitor the degree of oxygen saturation, speaks with German doctors.

Reel №5

Crimean coast.

Black Sea.


Livadia Palace.

General view of Yalta.

General view of Sochi.

The highway ride buses.




Sanatorium miners.

Free German Trade Unions delegation inspects resort ..

Delegates talk with the medical staff and tourists miners.

German delegates talk with the tourists in the resort of Agriculture.

Holidaymakers Heroes of Socialist Labor Arkady Gourlik Alexander Pogosyan.

Sanatorium named Decade October.

Vacationers talking to German delegates.

Delegates at the Leningrad House of veterans of the scene, where many Soviet actors who have reached old age.

Sitting at the table, talking PI Hinnies, ED Bogolyubov, ND Verkhovskaya, NO Stepanov-Shevchenko, N. Paradise-Dore, Agrintsova and others.

Delegates at the kindergarten.

Children play.

Children in the hands of the German delegates.

Delegate kissing a girl.

Children dance with the German delegates.

Delegates to give gifts to children.

Delegates present at the German lesson in 613 Moscow School.

Talking to pupils, looking notebooks.

Girl reading in German Heine poem "The Silesian Weavers" (synchronous).

Karl speaks to students Laux (synchronously).

Pupil sends greetings to German students.

German delegates talk with the youth of the GDR, students in Soviet universities.

Of conversations with students Adolph Ferber, professor Kienast, Charles Laux, Johannes Rogge, journalist Philip France.

Building high-rise building of Moscow State University.

Students go around the room.

Students at the Department of Chemistry in the laboratory.

Engaged student Ursula Shestokat from Berlin.

University building.

German delegates go to the building of the university.

University Rector Academician Petrovsky and the chief architect of the Palace of Science Professor Rudnev talking to German delegates, give them an album of photographs of MSU.

German delegates dance with students.

MSU - the night.

Concert Hall.

Tchaikovsky (at night).

Auditorium Tchaikovsky.

Gala evening dedicated to the German-Soviet friendship.

German delegates seated.

Chairperson of the All NM Shvernik (synchronously).

Acts Ambassador to the USSR GDR Rudolf Appelt (synchronous)

The audience applauded.

Farewell to the German delegates at the airport.

Off at the train station in Berlin, the Soviet delegation.