News of the week 1965 № 3

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Producer Rostov-on-Don newsreel studio

Director: L. Mazruho

Operators: V. Safarjyanc, N. Medvedev, A. Onkorov, V. Ribkin, S. Hmelev, V. Kutyashov

Reel №1

Belgorod region.

Staff at the central laboratory Shebelynka chemical plant, develop a new product "Emulsol-B" at work.

Production of "Soluble-B" in the factory shop.

The plot of the Belgorod breeder involved in breeding new varieties of sunflower, KI Prokhorov.

Prokhorov and his wife - a laboratory technician Leydelevskogo experimental field, the work on the book.

View field of sunflowers.

City Eagle.

Installation of a power station currently under construction Orel steel mill.

Lipetsk region.

Machinist locomotive depot Eletski AI Shvyrev during an exam for the right control locomotive.

Driver sits in the car.

There is a train.

Tula region.

Drifter mine "First North" M. Nikonov at work in the roadway.

City Elec.

Awarding medals Czechoslovak Republic Knights of the Order of Glory of three AI Prozhivarovu.

Prozhivarov with his wife - a Knight of the "Parent Glory", with children at home.

Performance of Lipetsk Palace of Pioneers.

The city of Kursk.

Working dynasty Lopatkin Kursk plant "Battery."

Key words

Chemical industry. Agricultural sciences. Metallurgy. Trains. Fuel industry. Family. International relations. Out of school education. Electrical industry.