A Year Later. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Nebylickiy B.

Script writers: Nebylickiy B.

Operators: Grek I., Nebylickiy B.

Composers: Tulikov S.

Anouncers: Sheynker P.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


About two the largest collective farms of the Altai Region - "Urozhayny" ["Yielding"] and "Ordzhonikidzievsky" ["Named after Ordjonikidze (a Soviet statesman)"].

Reel №1


In cars - the youth.

Youth sings (synchronously).


Ponomarenko left hanging wall newspaper, she embroiders, Tosya Fomicheva writes a letter.

Automobile them.


At work Tosya Fomicheva, Masha Funtyaeva, Galya Ivanova.

By working Arcadia Badazhnikovu suits his wife Mary.

Farewell dinner at the car to them.

Stalin for the Komsomol, leaving the virgin lands.

At dinner, playing AG plant manager Krylov.

Moscow (night).

Walking the streets of Moscow youth.

Tosya Fomicheva home to pack in a suitcase, help her sister and mother.

Check out the virgin lands with Komsomol Kazan railway station.

The train on the way.

In conjunction go Tosya Fomicheva, spouses Badazhnikovy.

Map of Altai.

Komsomol members working in the farm "Urozhainy."

The first furrow.

The work of M. Funtyaeva.

North at the farm.

Grains take Lev Ponomarev and T. Fomicheva.

Reel №2

Evening landscape.

Tea at a samovar M. Funtyava, M. Badazhnikova, Ponomariov and Lev Tosya Fomicheva.

Pulling arrives.

Picture Show.

Excerpts from the film "The Awakening of the steppe."

Newsreel 1954:

State Farm "Ordzhonikidze".

Mother is a son in kindergarten.

Parents lead children to preschool.

In kindergarten, children play.

Garden, founded on virgin soil.

The garden is a fellow NF Abramenko.

In the garden of women work.

To the house of M. Shebunyaeva drives a car.

Shebunyaev embraces his wife and children.

With the machine unloaded chickens, geese, birch saplings.

In the house are making things.




Dining room.



Are harvesters.

A herd of cows.

Flock of sheep.

Field, PNRM. Kukhtina the director, Guido, Shebunyaeva, Shcherbina, Nina Taranov.

The tractor fit Shcherbina, talk to him.

With the tractor drivers talking Guido.


In the working tractors, seeders.

Reel №3


Dry lake Sakyk Sor.

Sprouting wheat.

Director of the farm, "Ordzhonikidze" Kuhtin, Belikin and Krukhmalev treated ears of wheat.

A farm agronomist Belikin shows wheat Kuhtin.

Wheat field.

Construction elevator silos.

To build granaries come Chairman of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR, Kuhn and Deputy Kalgenov, they talk with the director of the state farm Pryakhin.

Construction of houses, schools, railway.

Works construction equipment.

Construction of two-storey houses.

Asphalt highway.

Street farm "Urneksky."

The gardens of the houses.

A. and P. Sysoenko cousins.

A. Sysoenko for transmitter.

In the house of A. Sysoenko visitors come.

A. Sysoenko and his wife Lida.

IP Any Rodichev with his wife.

At the farm, "Ordzhonikidze" go to the registrar Vanya Kogenyuk and Lida, Vanya bassist and Alex Savin.

Registration in the registry office.

Young people at the wedding.

Congratulate the newlyweds, presented with flowers and gifts.

Director farm Kuhtin speech.

Reel №4

Harvesting at the farm "Urozhainy."

Work on the current night.

Tractors Lev Ponomarev is.

Current work on A. Badazhnikov and his wife Mary.

The work of M. Funtyaeva, T Fomicheva.

By Tosya Fomicheva in the mother arrives.

The settlement "Urozhainy" (the plane).

The youth of the car unloads gifts sent automobile plant in Moscow.

Tosya Fomicheva passes Loewe Ponomarev boxing gloves.

Rita Grebneva shows his father corn field and introduces him to Nina Kololyubinoy, Nadia Beļcova and Raya Sverkun.

Corn harvesting.

Powered zenopogruzchik, riding cars and trains with the grain.