Vladimir Mayakovsky (a Soviet poet, artist, actor).. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bubrik S.

Script writers: Nagornyy S.

Operators: Levitan A.

Composers: Muravlev A.

Anouncers: Smolenskiy Ya.

Text writers: Nagornyy S.


About life and activity of Vladimir Mayakovsky, a poet, artist, actor.

Reel №1

Book Mayakovsky.

Newsreel of the 20's.:


Works of Mayakovsky.

Pictures of the poet.

The village of Baghdad, where he was born Mayakovsky.

The house in which he was born Mayakovsky.

Room in the house.

Photo of the father and mother of the poet.


Photos of Mayakovsky in childhood.


Mountain landscape.



High School, where he studied under the poet.



Book of Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Nekrasov.

The "case" of Kutaisi gymnasium student riots.

Picture: Mayakovsky - demonstrator.

Letter of the poet to his sister.

Photo: Mayakovsky schoolboy.

Photo: the streets of Moscow in 1906.

Picture: Mayakovsky among students - the Bolsheviks.

Political pamphlets.

Picture: Mayakovsky led working circle.

The instruments of the revolutionary activity of the poet and stay at Butyrskaya.



Said the mother of the poet Alexander A. Mayakovskaya.

Reel №2

Photo Mayakovsky.

Literature of the reaction.

Works of Mayakovsky.

Photos AM Gorky.

Postcard AM Bitter Mayakovsky.

The painting "Gorky, Mayakovsky."

The book "Childhood", which has presented Mayakovsky, Gorky, and the book "A Cloud in Trousers", which gave Gorky, Mayakovsky.

Almanac "Chronicle", which published excerpts from Mayakovsky "War and Peace."

Excerpts from the film:

Military action the imperialist war.

Page from the book "A Cloud in Trousers."

Excerpts from the film 1917:

Picture "VI Lenin's card with Comrades

Stalin, Sverdlov and Dzerzhinsky "and" The assault on the Winter. "

The newspaper "Art Commune", which published the poem "Left March".

Fragments of feature films.

The paintings "The window of growth" and "Mayakovsky in his studio guests", "Posters of growth."

The poster of the play "Mystery Bouffe."

Box with film "Lady and the Hooligan."

Excerpts from the film "Lady and the Hooligan" Mayakovsky as a bully.

Reel №3

The newspaper "Izvestia" (1922), which published the poem V. Mayakovsky "Prozasedavshiesya."

The newspaper "Izvestia".

Notebook Mayakovsky.

An excerpt from the play "Bath" (synchronous).

Moscow Theater of Satire.

Reel №4

Newsreel of the 20's.:

Mayakovsky reciting poetry.

Building plans.

Mayakovsky's poem "VI Lenin ".


Cigarettes are on the table, a book.

The inscription "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Room Mayakovsky.


Picture: Mayakovsky said by phone.

Notebooks poet.

Room Mayakovsky.

The table that worked Mayakovsky.

Books on the shelves.

Portrait of Mayakovsky.

Newsreel of the 20's.:


University building in Kazan.

Memorial plaque "Here he studied VI Ulyanov-Lenin in 1887. "

The streets of Kharkov.


Crimean coast.



Red Square.

Portrait of Mayakovsky.

Poster "VV Mayakovsky - the poems. "

The streets of Paris.

Mayakovsky's book "Paris."

New York.

The streets of the city.

Homeless man digging in the garbage.

The police are a man.

Reel №5

Poster "The second big concert Mayakovsky."

The book "My Discovery of America."

"Poems of the Soviet passport" reads B. Yakhontov (synchronously).

Mayakovsky book "Good."

Portrait of the poet.


Mayakovsky Square, the Garden Ring.

Storefront with books Mayakovsky.

Planes in the air.

On Red Square is the infantry.

Demonstration on Red Square.

Mukhina's sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

Different editions of the book "Good."

Figure: Mayakovsky speaks to the Red Army.

Newsreel 1930:

Memorial meeting at the building of the Union of Writers.

The funeral procession passes through the streets of Moscow.

Newsreel of the 20's.:


Books Mayakovsky.



Harvester in the field.

Demonstration in China and other countries.

Newsreel of the 20's.: