Meetings In The city Of Warsaw.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bossak E., Grigorev R., Kopalin I., Poselskiy I.

Script writers: Adzhubey V., Bossak E., Ivanov B.

Operators: Zenyakin A., Kotlyarenko L., Levitan A., Mikosha V., Semenov S., Sprudin S.


About the Fifth World Youth and Student Festival.

Temporary description

The film is about the fifth World Festival of Youth and Students in Warsaw. Opening the festival at the Warsaw Stadium, Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of the Polish People's Republic Yu Cyrankiewicz (synchronous) and Chairman of the International Festival Committee B. Bernini (synchronously), the festival parade. Meetings, concerts and sporting performance of the participants of the festival. Festival delegates working on the construction of a school named after the Fifth Festival in Warsaw, plant trees in the park, visit the former Auschwitz concentration camp and the house-museum of composer Frederic Chopin. Festival closing ceremony and delivers B. Bernini (synchronously). Farewell Carnival festival. Fireworks.

Reel №1

Stadium. "10th anniversary of the Republic" in Warsaw (the plane).

Flags Festival.


The stadium are delegates from various countries.

The people at the stadium applauded.

Ahead of the delegates is Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia.

Front of the column delegates India Indian bike rides Misrilae Dzhayasvala.

Delegates of the famous Mexican actress Rozaura Revyueltas.

Completes the youth march in Poland.

The festival welcomes the Prime Minister of the Polish People's Republic Jozef Cyrankiewicz (synchronously).

Reel №2

Speakers: Jozef Cyrankiewicz (synchronous) and Chairman of the International Festival Committee, Bruno Bernini (synchronously).

The people applauded.

Rises above the stadium flag festival.

Flying doves.

By ramparts Barbican are delegates of the festival.

Old clock.

Old Town Square.

The delegates of the festival held on the square, the streets, talk, sign autographs.

Warsaw residents and children talking to delegates.

Among the delegates: Serafima Kotova (USSR), Francis Ange of British Guiana, Isabella Yashinoska (Poland), Georgette vacillation - telephone operator in France, Gerhard Dietze from Dresden.

Palace of Culture on Stalin Square - PNRM.

On the area of ​​walking delegates of the festival, held on the street "New holy."

Delegates to pass on the buses.

Warsaw residents welcome the delegates.

The group of delegates to the building, talking with builders, hung festival scarf on a crane.

Reel №3

Houses destroyed during the war.

Group of delegates of the festival pass by the ruins.


A wall with pictures of the victims of fascism.

At the stand is a Japanese girl who had come from Hiroshima.

Newsreel 1945:

The ruins of Hiroshima.

The ruins of the Old City of Warsaw.

New homes in Warsaw.

The meeting at the Old Town Square, on the day of Hiroshima on August 5

Speaks Japanese Yukou Motoyasu (synchronously).

The demonstrators applauded, singing songs.

Palace of Culture (top).

Participants of the festival five countries: Britain, France, Soviet Union, China and the U.S. to discuss issues of life and future of young people in their countries and take the appeal to the youth of the five powers, take pictures.

The cafe at the table a group of delegates: Serafima Kotova, African and others.

Participants of the festival Gerhart Dietze and Chiang Bayfu help build school after the Fifth Festival.

Kotov and Georgette vacillation planted tree.

Soviet delegate Ivan Rutskoi distributes grain.

Dance performed at the stadium, "Harvest", etc.

Reel №4

Will Zhelezova place - the birthplace of Chopin.

Birthplace Chopin.

Delegates to the Festival in the house listening to the composer Chopin.

Auschwitz camp.

Delegates festival pass through Auschwitz entrance.

Auschwitz tells of life in Auschwitz.

Women put flowers on the graves of the victims of Auschwitz.

Polish delegates carry wreaths.

Delegates are laying flowers to the monument.

Monument to Polish soldiers.



In the distance can be seen the Palace of Culture.

Palace of Culture.

Boats on the river.


The streets of Warsaw.

Square near the Palace of Culture.


Polish youth camp.

Delegates from different countries at a party in the camp of the Polish youth.

English students dance dance "Let's meet."

Polish engineer Jerzy Trahovsky invites coffee festival delegates: Kotov, Raymond Dien, Rutskoi etc.

Delegates at the festival parade.

Passes Polish youth, athletes, jumpers, Polish students, Africans play musical instruments, dance, executed Romanian folk dance - Perenitsa.

Reel №5

The people in the streets of Warsaw.

On the square in front of the Palace of Culture of the Stalin - a Polish dance ensemble performs Polish Highlanders (synchronously).

German Youth Ensemble performs country dance.

In Spassky park Albanians dance etc.


Iranian youth dances.

German youth dances country dancing.

In Spassky park Albanians dance etc.


Dancing Iranian youth.

Dancing girl from India.

Soviet dance group performs.

The audience applauded.

Delegates on the boat floating on the river Vistula.

Dancing on the deck of the Spaniards, Chileans, etc.

Reel №6

On the high bank of the Vistula dance blacks from West Africa.

Around the fire solidarity with the youth of the colonial and dependent countries met participants of the festival (evening).

Light the fire.

Around the fire is young colonial and dependent countries.

Dancing youth.

In the evening walk in the streets of Warsaw youth.

Copernicus Monument.

Light a fire in the stadium of the second international youth sports.

Speakers Polish artists, Australian athlete runs Strickland, who became world champion at the festival.

Throws the disc Nina Ponomareva.

On the bar Soviet gymnast Paul Pillar and the Egyptian Ali Zahi.

Exercises from gymnastics performs a Polish athlete Danuta Stahuv, practices on the balance beam Ludmila Egorova.

Shot an arrow from the bow of the world champion, a Polish athlete Vishnevskaya.

Start motorcyclists.

Swimmers finish.

In the 100-meter swim wins Leo Balandin (USSR).

With the tower into the water jump Roman Brenner (USSR).

Jumping Meksikansu capillaries, is awarded the Gold Medal.

Reel №7

In the women's five thousand meters involved: World champion Emil Zatopek, the Hungarian Iharosh.

Next comes the Polish Jerzy Hromik athlete.

The winner is awarded a medal run Hromiku.

Brazilian Milky wear the crown as the best dancer of the youth of the ball.

Participants of the festival dance in the streets of Warsaw

Carousels, rides, etc.


Fireworks on the river.

Palace of Culture of the Stalin in the spotlight.

On the area of ​​them.

Stalin festival participants were listening to the Bruno Burnini (synchronously).

Young men and women sworn to fight for the victory of the ideals of the festival (closing).



Delegates sing the song of the Presidium.