Epitaph. (1990)

Film №45352, 2 parts
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:K Stepanov


The film tells about the chairman of collective farm. Lenin N.P.Popove Kuibyshev region. The farmers Popova and colleagues share their memories of the former director, expressing different opinions about it (sinhr.).

Reel №1

Part 1.

Movement of buses and cars on the streets of Kuibyshev.

Types Avgustovka village in the Kuibyshev region, one of the streets, Lenin Avenue, the Palace of Culture, kindergarten, school; view of the fountain.

Kindergarten pupils play in the playground while walking.

The farmers share memories of a former collective farm director (sinhr.): one of the farmers said that when the director decided to build in the village of Prospect Lenin then ordered to demolish many houses, and he, in turn, opposed the demolition of his house and defended him.

Another man tells about one of the most fantastic and strange ideas Director - the construction of the fountain.

View Hall kolkhoz studio in which a man sits and stares at the screen filming, telling about the farm and its director: N.P.Popov riding in a car, talking on the phone, goes to his desk in the office, sits down (removed from the screen.)

Honoring Veterans at the Palace of Culture.

Plays an accordion player.

Man on the podium recalls N.P.Popove offers present in the hall to honor his memory by standing (sinhr.).

In the hall stand.

Interiors of rooms in older homes farmers.

Part 2.

General view of a brick wall with turrets, wall building a kindergarten and school.

General view of the Lenin Avenue, the Palace of Culture, the fountain.

Children walking on the street.

Landscape near the village: forest, river.

One of the farmers, sitting at home, says that on the farm at the former director, bred fish, there was a farm in the apiary, but the farmers did not see any fish, no honey - all taken to the city.

In addition, the farm had its Holiday, but it rested only district and regional authorities, so farmers called it a madhouse (all sync.).

One of his former colleagues N.P.Popova says that the former director of care for the collective farmers, social and cultural life of the village (sinhr.).

View the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the kolkhoz.

Solemn carrying banners.

A speaker from the podium.

Advanced rewarding farmers: hand letters, tied with ribbon Promotion "honored farmer."

Solemn celebration of veterans farm.

Veterans and youth farm sitting in the hall for the covered tables.

Participants prepare for the amateur stage for the performance.

Interiors of rooms in older homes farmers.

Key words

State agricultural enterprises.
Rural settlements.
Road transport.
Pre-school education.
Club-type facilities.
Amateur Art.
Architecture of public buildings.

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