Around Indonesia.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kozina E.

Script writers: Mikosha V., Sokolnikov I.

Operators: Mikosha V., Sokolnikov I.


A scenery film about history and the present days of Indonesia.

Temporary description

Map of Indonesia (animation). The streets of Jakarta. Townspeople visit stores and Central Market Jakarta. The external and internal forms of Borobudur temple. The bas-reliefs and sculptures that adorn the temple Prambanam. Buddha statue in the temple Kalasan. Landscapes of Bali. Balinese village. Master of art of wood carving at work. Hinduistskie temples on the island of Bali. Tea plantations. Buffalo in the pasture. Pupils at the morning exercises in a rural school. Rubber, banana, pineapple, hinnye plantation. Planting coconut trees. Farmers working in the rice fields. Dance company performs the dance "Penchak" in the Indonesian countryside. Holidaymakers on the beach on the Indian Ocean. Types of Bandung. Traffic on the street. Of fruit on the street. The streets of Yogyakarta. Sculptures made of stone in the area, the sculptor Hendry. Painter and sculptor Affandi Hendry in the workshop. Master of woodcarving at work. Artisan workshop for the production of batik. Sultan's Palace in the center of Yogyakarta. National Dance School dancers perform a dance that plays harvesting the rice fields. Old national dance performed by men with daggers. Military parade in Jakarta, dedicated to the armed forces of the Republic of Indonesia, in the presence of Prime Minister A. Amidzhoyo and President of the Republic of Indonesia, General Sukarno. Women lay wreaths at the grave of General Sudimanu. School and university in Jakarta. Students of the Faculty of Medicine at the University Classroom. The building of the National Museum. The building of the Moscow House of Arts. Workers' village. Fishermen weave networks. Fishing boats in the sea. Ships in the port. Unloading at the port. Ship "Fatima" in national shipyards. Airport in Jakarta. Construction of a residential area Kabayoran. Sunset over the sea.

Reel №1



The southern coast of the Malay Archipelago.


A rice field is a girl and sings a song about his love of country - Indonesia.



Multkarta Indonesia.



Jakarta - capital of Indonesia.


Report of city life.


Borobudur Temple - Buddhist.

Details of the temple.

Reel №2

Temple "Prambanan".

Details of the temple.

Temple "Kalasan."

The largest Buddha statue in Indonesia (in the temple).

Bali Island - East of Java.



Residents of Bali - wood carvers at work.

Figurines made of wood.

Hinduistskie temples.

Sacred source.

The tomb of the rulers of Bali.

Palace on the water.

Balinese temple Besakih.

Details of the temple.


Village of tropical greenery.

Peasants at work.



School children play football.

Rubber plantations.

Tea plantations.


Pineapple plantation.

Hinnye groves.

Reel №3

Palm groves.

Harvesters coconut drink coconut juice.

Processing copra - the fleshy part of the nut.

Rice field.

Peasants at work.

Planting and harvesting rice.

Stacks of rice straw.

Rustic courtyard.

Fight roosters ("cockfighting").

Performances of musicians and dancers.

A popular folk dance "Pengan" (synchronous).

The audience applauded.

Reel №4


Cottages in suburban towns.

Neighborhood lake "Megawati".



Pool in the mountains.

Beach in the mountains.

Holidaymakers on the beach.




University students at parking bicycles.

Fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.


Views of the city.


Hendry sculptor at work, next to him, his teacher known Indonesian artist Affandi.

Chasers and wood carvers at work.

Handicraft workshop - production fabric "batik".

Sultan's Palace in the center of Yogyakarta.

National Dance School.

Girls perform a dance, "Harvest" (synchronous).

Reel №5

Dancers perform the dance "Two rival", the ancient national dance performed by women with daggers, etc.


Flower sales.

Obelisk of Freedom.

Day (October 5), dedicated to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia.

Military parade.

Present at the parade: Prime Minister Alikastro Amidkoyo, members of the diplomatic corps, the Soviet Ambassador Zhukov.

The parade takes President Sukarno.

Monument Sudirmanu - warrior patriot.

The streets of Jakarta.


Pupils and teachers.

Boys and girls go to university.

Reel №6

Medical faculty.

Among students Sutopa professor, Dr.


National Museum.

Metropolitan Theatre - House of Art.

Fishing villages along the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Fishermen at work.


Port in Jakarta.

Unloading of goods.

Ships of different countries.


Construction of ships.

The descent of the vessel "Fatima" on the water.


The return of the delegation of Indonesian women from the USSR.

Construction of the new urban area Kabayran near Jakarta.


Rice field.

Landscape (night scene).