Happiness of Harsh Roads.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.


About the participation of young people in the life of the country.

Temporary description

The achievements of Soviet youth. 1h. - Manager 8 Gateway Volga-Don Canal T. Fokine. Types of Stalingrad (destroyed during the war and the present). Construction of the city of Magnitogorsk and steel works. 2h. - The construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station. The fate of a young engineer V. Llanos. Growers Carpathians. Poet D. Pavlychko. Three students wrote in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" letter "How to choose the road?". 3h. - Factory workers "Caliber" A t-shirt. 4h. - Soloist of the Kiev Opera House Galina Oleynichenko. 5h. - MSU students put satirical skits. 6h. - Family Izvekov. Development of virgin lands.

Reel №1

Tasia Fokin - Gateway Manager eighth of the Volga-Don Canal opens the gate.

Foreign guests on board the ship.

The people welcomed them.

Delegation of foreigners in Stalingrad.

Residents of Stalingrad welcome them.

Delegates to the train.


Construction of houses in sandy street in Moscow.

Delegates to observe the work of Konstantin Bolshakov mason.

Delegates put bricks in the wall.

Children are playing different games.

Parents collect their children to school.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:


According to the city are the Komsomolets.

Classes at the destroyed school.

The girl with the broken German plane in which they live.


Newsreel 50's.:

Magnitogorsk station.

Issuing labor permits in regional committee of Komsomol Komsomol.

Domna in Magnitogorsk.

Powered Komsomol youth brigade engineer Komsomolets Ryabtseva.

Pouring steel.

Go carts with ore.

Reel №2

PNRM. with the construction of the Kuibyshev hydro: work Kohl Tumanov and Sasha Ermakov.

Valentin Abrosimov engineer, foreman engineer gateway Guchen Bagdasarov, chief engineer of the site Spanish Berhilo Llanos in construction.

Landscape of the Volga.

On the Volga river near the fire with his wife sitting Llanos, engineer Abrosimov, Bagdasarov.

Newsreel 30's.:


Spanish children evacuated.

Spanish children on board the ship in the port of Leningrad.

Spanish children on the streets of Leningrad.

Llanos against the construction of power plants.

Carpathian landscape of the valley.

Hutsuls A. Gavrishko, A. Petal talking.

Petalla daughter Helena, a student.

Students - Hutsul village.

Poet - Hutsul Pavlichko sitting on the grass, wrote poetry.

Landscape of Georgia.

Building Abastumani Observatory.

In telescope Komsomol Raisa Bartow.

The car rides collective farm chairman.

Dimitrova (Leningrad region) Ivan Omelchenko.

D. Omelchenko in the field, on the construction of the farm.

In the White Sea on the icebreaker "Levanevsky" navigator deepwater L. Sokolov.


Fly young teachers Paul and Mary Vendelevsky Borodin.

Wear coats and boots, go sledding.

The building of the Moscow school № 319.

In class three students sitting - Eugene Ivanov, Yuri Krasnozhenov and Eugene Lisakov.

The editorial office of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Preview your letters.

Editorial meeting.

Pupils read the newspaper.

Reel №3

Prom night in one of the Kharkov school.

Graduates talk about career choices.

In the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" parse mail.

Gene Kalipa letter.

Eugene Kalipa works HTZ.

The shop of the plant "Calibre" work Novikov Solopov, Polikarpov, Ginsburg.

Worked Toll Mike.

Lesson in apprenticeship Toll Mike.

In the Hall of Columns N. Rossibsky and Toll Maikov bond of socialist competition.

T. Mike's presidium meeting of workers at the "Caliber" Svetlana Korobov.


Turner of the plant.

Ordzhonikidze Chikirev home with his wife.

Chikirev at work, in Berlin Plant.

Karl Liebknecht share experience.

J. Kalipa the board, working in the shop.

Young workers are paid.

M. Rozhneva for work in the shop Kupavinskoy factory, in a dormitory at a party, at home, playing (synchronous) at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

Reel №4

Types Gradenitsa Ukrainian village on the Dnieper.

Girl in a meadow with kids, a girl comes to the forge and talk to the blacksmith.


The boat floats Oleinichenko with friends.

Odessa Opera House.


Soloist. G. Oleinichenko performs an aria Violeta (synchronously).

A projectionist Amaev comes to the village with the shifting.

Aul film.

Residents meet projectionist.

The auditorium of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Kondratieff ballerina performing variation from the ballet "Cinderella."

Kondratieff backstage with other ballet dancers working on the wall newspaper.

Andris birthday cake and presented flowers.

Pioneer tent in the woods.

Pioneers in the campaign.

In a park near the Bolshoi Theater of female pilots gathered Taman Guards Major Bermanskaya, Kate Broyko, Smirnov.


Smirnov's co-driver sits in the plane.

Major Bermanskaya gives a combat mission.

Reel №5

Fountain in the park near the Bolshoi Theater.

Meeting pilots.

The regimental commander Bermanskaya E., Ryabov, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Moscow Chechneva, Zoe Parfenov, Evdokia Nikulin.

Pilots hug, kiss, give autographs to students, the postman brings them a telegram.

In the park walking PhD in law VF Taranenko with his wife.

The building of the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute with a sign.

Session chair: there VF Taranenko with his wife, teachers, Professor Kleiman.

Taranenko report on faculty reads his wife.

Friends B. Taranenko - Eugene Gusarev, Sergei Korneev.

Speech by Taranenko (synchronously).

MSU. Post office at MSU. In the mail box are students from different cities and countries.

MSU students at the lecture, in the laboratory, in class with Professor lunch.

Students at dinner, a walk, a concert initiative (synchronously).

Exercising young people in the stadiums.

Working in a shoe factory in Chisinau, act in concert performances.

Youth Ball at the Kremlin.

Reel №6

North Pole.

Helicopter in flight.

Family Schvekova hydrologist.

Schvekova wife at the microphone transmits a letter to her husband at the North Pole (synchronously).

Polar explorer Izvekov pole listening gear.

Izvekov at work at the North Pole (night).

Polar return to Moscow.

At the Vnukovo airport Schvekova meets family.

Schvekovy walking on the bank of the Neva (white night).

Landscape of the Altai.

Settlement Nazarovskoy MTS.

The house settlers Khabarova B. and his wife H. Gavrilina gathered friends.

Zoe Gavrilin with the child.

Youth meeting in the Kremlin.

NS stands Khrushchev.

Departure Komsomol Moscow to Altai and Kazakhstan.

The train on the way.

The window is Zoe Gavrilin.

Settlers hammered pillar in the place where is farm.

The machines in the field.

Zoe Gavrilin driving a tractor.

Zoe Gavrilin lucky child in the stroller.

Family Shepherd Reus.

Heroine Mother M. Reus at the table with the children.

Women meeting in Vienna.

Zoe's mother speaks Kosmodemyanskoy.

Fragments of feature films.

Graduation Ceremony at the 49th Moscow school.

Serves the principal MP Skvortsov (synchronously).

Graduates from Moscow schools on Red Square.

Landscape of the Altai.

Settlement Nazarovskoy MTS.

In the house of V. Khabarova and his wife Zoe Gavrilina gathered friends.

Zoe Gavrilin with the child.

At a meeting in the Kremlin youth advocates NS Khrushchev.

Departure from Moscow Komsomol virgin lands: Zoya Gavrilin a train.

Settlers hammered pillar in the place where will be the new farm.

Zoe Gavrilin working on the tractor.