1905.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bubrik S.

Script writers: Bubrik S., Nikulin N.

Operators: Efimov E.

Composers: Ivanov-Radkevich N.


On the 1905 events in Moscow (The 1st Russian Revolution).

Temporary description

Documentaries, historical and journalistic film about the 1905 revolution in Russia. The film features the documents of the Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the USSR and the Soviet State Film Fund. Part I. Personnel news: Nicholas II and his entourage and members of the royal family in the Kremlin, the area of ​​the Winter Palace, and wounded soldiers planted of the cars. Still from the film on the events of January 9, 1905. Participant in the events January 9, 1905 J. M. Yakovlev gives interviews (synchronously). Part II. Leningrad. January 9, 1955. The meeting at the Transfiguration Cemetery near the monument to the victims of 9 January. Views of the City of London. Party Party Congress III AN Alekseev tells Congress (synchronously). Switzerland. . Geneva. Library building. Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Kind of industrial enterprises in the city. The house where the strike was going to the Board of Commissioners in 1905 River Talca. Member strike F. Kolesnikov gives interviews (synchronously). Poland. Lodz. Streets and buildings of the city. Part III. Member of the revolutionary events of 1905 Yu Madeychik passes through the streets of Lodz, talking to young people. Stills from the film "Battleship Potemkin" (synchronous). Monument Vakulenchuk G. and A. Matyushenko. Battleship "Sevastopol" in the Black Sea. The uprising - on board the battleship Potemkin, in Odessa. Meeting in Odessa on the grave of Mr. Vakulenchuk. Frames / f dedicated to the revolution of 1905 workers' demonstration, the Cossacks dispersed demonstrators, workers clash with police. Riga. The building of the Central Prison, which had been an armed attack in the summer of 1905, during which the workers were released revolutionaries. Riga Museum of the Revolution. Museum underground press on Lesnaya Street. Part IV. Film footage of the 1905 Revolution. Moscow. Bauman Street. The plaque on the house where he was killed Bowman. Monument Bauman. Finland. City Tammerfors. View of the city. The street and the building where the conference was held Bolsheviks. Moscow. Krasnaya Presnya. Part V. Film footage of the 1905 Revolution. Member of an armed uprising in Moscow, Mikhail Nikolaev shares memories (synchronously). Stills from the film "October".

Reel №1

Illustrative material on the Revolution in 1905

The area of ​​the Winter Palace (Upper point)

Neva Embankment at night.

Participant in the events in 1905

Mikhail Y. Yakovlev shares memories at the microphone (synchronous)

Illustrations and excerpts from feature films.

Reel №2

Map of Russia.


Foreign newspapers, which published the responses to the events of 1905.


Rally at the memorial to the victims of the 9 th of January in Leningrad.

The laying of wreaths.

Current speaker's M.Ya.


View of London.

In 1905,

It hosted the 3rd Party Congress.

Member of the Third Congress of the RSDLP Nikolai Alekseev talks about the Congress (synchronous)


Library building, where he worked as Lenin.

Lenin's manuscript.


House, where in 1905 was going to the Board of Commissioners.

River Talca, where workers gathered.

Photo Frunze.

Bolshevik revolutionaries Fedor Kolesnikov is on the streets of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk tells young people of 1905

Photo killed in 1905 FA Afanasyev.

Lodz (LS. pl.).

Picture leaflets barricades, held in Lodz.

Member barricades Jozef Madeychik.

Tells young people of 1905

Reel №3

Jozef Madeychik talks to youth.

Illustrative material battleship "Potemkin" scene from the movie.

Potemkin in a boat ride on the Black Sea.

Tsarev, Pamphylia, Swan Podzolkin, Shestidesyatin.

Battleship at sea.

The boat sails to the battleship.

On the battleship Potemkin "Sevastopol".

Quay Odessa.

The people welcomed the Potemkin, present them with flowers.

The meeting at the tomb of Gregory Vakulenchuk with Potemkin.

Illustrative material revolutionary peasant movement in 1905

Fragment from the film.

Layout of the Riga prison.


Riga party revolt Krityanis Treimanis tells pioneers of these events.


Underground Press on Lesnaya Street.

Leaflets of the Moscow Committee of the party.

Reel №4

Illustrations and excerpts from feature films.

Bauman Street in Moscow.

The plaque on the house where he was killed in 1905, Bauman.

Monument Bauman.


The street and the building where the conference took place the Bolsheviks.

Reel №5

Illustrative material rebellion - barricades on Red Presnya.

The former head of the factory squad them.

Schmidt Mikhail Nikolaev talks about fighting on the barricades of the Red Presnya (sinhr.)

Fragments of feature films and paintings.

House with a plaque in the courtyard of the former Prokhorov factory.

Map of the armed uprising in December 1905

Volley of "Aurora".

View of the Winter Palace.

Excerpts from the films.

Serov's painting "Lenin proclaims Soviet power."