Povolzhie № 39 (1977)

Newsreel №45815, 1 part
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:B. Svojskij
Camera operators:N. Shumkova
Other authors:Tekst - G. Spevachevskij. Zvuk - V. Shubin

Reel №1

Special Issue newsreel "Chronicle of great achievements."

Kuibyshev region.

Rally to mark the opening of the monument to Falconwing Mountains in memory of the last illegal Bolshevik conference Samara.


Rally at the farm "Ray" Samara province, dedicated to getting the first tractor.

Sowing of grain farms in the Kuibyshev region.

Military parade in

Kuibyshev November 7, 1941.

Production processes in plants Kuibyshev garment factory during WWII.

Assembly of aircraft at the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant.

Construction of the Kuibyshev plant KATEK carburetor, Kuibyshev-watering irrigation canal, Volga hydroelectric Lenin, commissioning Volga Automobile Plant.

Shop Kuibyshev synthetic rubber plant, a chocolate factory.

Zhygulivs'ka poultry.

Rewarding Kuibyshev Region Order of Lenin.

A meeting of workers of the Volga automobile plant on the adoption of the new Constitution of the USSR. Membership in the CPSU.

Key words

Collective farms.
Automotive industry.
Garment industry.
Aviation industry.
Poultry farming.
Food industry.
Chemical industry.
Communist Party.

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