Povolzhie № 27 (1974)

Newsreel №46015, 1 part
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:D. Daljskij
Camera operators:V. Fedotov, K. Stepanov, K. Urbanovich, B. Volkov, Yu. Tuntuev, N. Sharapov, A. Mochalov
Other authors:Zvuk - I. Nifonova. Tekst - G. Shaposhnikova

Reel №1


Demonstration of youth on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the date of assignment of the Komsomol Lenin.


Assembling cars, "Lada" on line of the Volga Automobile Plant.

Solemn meeting dedicated to awarding of the Komsomol

Togliatti Red Banner of Labor.

First secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of the Kuibyshev VP Orlov Order attaches the banner.

Seeing students on the station platform, members of student construction brigades leaving for the construction of the national economy, to harvest.

Shop Ulyanovsk Motor Plant.

Workers at work.

Draining the wetlands and wetlands in the territory Makeevsky cape in the Ryazan region.

Operate excavators; constructed canal, a pumping station.

Grain harvesting, haying on reclaimed land farm "Makeeevsky" Ryazan region.

Repair, preparation trucks Orenburg convoys to harvest in the Orenburg region.

Exhibition of works by artists of science fiction in


Visitors examine the paintings.

Key words

Youth organizations.
Automotive industry.
Communist Party.
Higher Education.
Collective farms.
Road transport.
Educational activities.

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